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Apollo Bikes are an Australian based bicycle manufacturer, Apollo has been producing bikes for the Australian market as well as a wide range of international markets for over 30 years. At Apollo’s HQ in Australia Apollo specifically designs their bikes from the ground up using the latest bike manufacturing technologies whilst maintaining a high standard of innovation and development. Apollo designs and develops each bike model to excel in a wide range of Australian terrains, which are amongst some of the most diverse and tough terrains in the world. Apollo bikes cater to a wide range of cycling styles and levels, whether you’re a beginner rider or an advanced racer Apollo has a bike to suit you.

apollo arctec r vis

2013 Apollo Road Bikes

Arctec R - Dura Ace, Arctec R - SRAM Red, Elite, Giro, Performance, Silhouette 20 WS, Silhouette 30 WS, Ultra, Vispo, Volare.

2013 Apollo Urban Bikes

Trace 10, Trace 10 WS, Trace 20, Trace 20 WS, Trace 30, Trace 30 WS, Trace 40, Trace 50, Transfer 10, Transfer 10 WS, Transfer 20, Transfer 20 WS, Transfer 30, Transfer 40.

2013 Apollo Mountain Bikes

Activa (Womens), Alpina (Womens), Altitude, Aspire, Evolution, Monaco (Womens), Peak, Summit, Volatile.

2013 Apollo Hybrid Bikes

Altura WS, Incline, Shadow, Shoreline WS, Villa WS.

2013 Apollo Kids Bikes

Cougar, Panther, Paris, Summit 24, Verve.

2013 Apollo Flat Bar Road Bikes

Exceed 10, Exceed 10 WS, Exceed 20, Exceed 20 WS, Exceed 30, Exceed 40.

2013 Apollo Classic Bikes

Deco, Nouveau 3 WS, Nouveau 7 WS, Vintage Limited WS, Vintage WS.

2013 Apollo Cruiser Bikes

Tiki 3 WS, Tiki 7 Mens, Tiki 7 WS.

2013 Apollo 29er Bikes

Arctec 9, Xpert290, Xpert291, Xpert292, Xpert29S, Xpert29T.

2013 Apollo Cyclocross Bikes


2013 Apollo Electric/Power Assisted Bikes

Eon, Eon Nexus.

2013 Apollo Folding Portable Bikes

Stowaway 10.

2013 Apollo Tandem Bikes

Syncro 26, Syncro 700.

2013 Apollo Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

Arctec T, Attain.

2012 Apollo Road Bikes

ARCTEC: Arctec R-Aus Edition, Arctec R. RACELINE: Elite, Elite-Team Edition, Ultra, Vispo, Giro, Performance, Volare, Silhouette 3.0, Silhouette 2.0, Silhouette 1.0, Record Pro, Record. TIME TRIAL/TRI: Arctec T, Attain. CYCLOCROSS: Xact.

2012 Apollo Urban Bikes

COMMUTER: Volta, Spin, Exceed 10, Exceed 20, Exceed 30, Exceed 40, Exceed 20WS, Exceed 10WS. CITY: Trace 1.0, Trace 2.0, Trace 3.0, Trace 4.0, Trace 1.0WS, Trace 2.0WS, Transfer 1.0, Transfer 2.0, Transfer 3.0, Transfer 1.0WS. CLASSIC: Salt, Vintage, Nouveau 3, Nouveau 7, Deco.

2012 Apollo Mountain Bikes

DUAL SUSPENSION: Terra 10, Terra 20, Terra 30. 29ER: Xpert 290, Xpert 291, Xpert 292, Xpert 292S. ARTEC: Arctec M. RACELINE: Team, Comp X, Enduro. SPORT: Aspire, Volatile, Evolution. TRAIL: Summit, Elevation, Peak. RECREATIONAL: Monaco, Alpina, Activa.

2012 Apollo Hybrid Bikes

HYBRID: Shadow, Incline, Panorama, Altura, Shoreline, Villa. FOLDING: Stowaway 1.0, Stowaway, 2.0. ELECTRIC: Eon Nexus, Eon. TANDEM: Syncro 700, Syncro 26.

2012 Apollo Women's Bikes

Silhouette 3.0, Silhouette 2.0, Silhouette 1.0, Exceed 20WS, Exceed 10WS, Trace 1.0WS, Trace 2.0WS, Transfer 1.0WS, Nouveau 3, Nouveau 7, Monaco, Alpina, Activa, Altura, Shoreline, Villa.

2012 Apollo Youth Bikes

Summit 24, Panther, Cougar, Verve, Paris

If you have any specific questions about Apollo Bicycles, the Apollo range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Apollo Bicycles one of the world's most popular brands, please feel free to contact us directly.

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