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Buying the right kids bike is very important as the wrong size or type of kids bike can be dangerous, uncomfortable and a needless expense. There are no specific rules for buying a particular bike for a child, however the guidelines below should point you in the right direction.

Tips on Buying the Right Kids Size Bike

Ensure the bike is a safe size. The child should not be too far stretched. They must be able to safely reach the controls. For example, it is important they are able to turn the handlebars safely, touch the ground with the tips of their toes and reach the brake levers so that they can operate them correctly. Children’s bikes are measured by their wheel size, for example a 20” bike will have a wheel diameter of 20”. Although there are no hard and fast rules for buying particular size bikes for a child of a particular age, the guidelines we recommend are shown below.

12" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 3 to 5

12 Kids Bike

16" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 5 to 8

16 Kids Bike

20" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 7 to 10

20 Kids Bike

24" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 9 to 12

24 kids bike

26" Kids Bike

Suitable for ages 12+

26 Kids Bike

Buy a Bike From a Trusted Kids Brand

Although what brand you buy often comes down to your budget, the better brand bikes generally have increased performance, are safer and are more durable.

Safety Vs Value When Buying a Kids Bike

The main issue for most people when purchasing a kids bike is trying to find a happy medium. That is, finding a suitable size bike for the present yet one that allows room for the child to grow to get maximum value for money. Perhaps the most important factor to consider here is to ensure the child is comfortable and safe on the bike. If the bike is too big and the child is intimidated by its size, they will not enjoy riding it, the bike will not be used and this may result in losing the value of the purchase.

Starting Out on a New Kids Bike

Training wheels are a great way for a child to get use to balancing on two wheels. The smallest bike that you can buy for a child (12” bike) generally comes equipped with training wheels. You can however attach training wheels to larger bikes.

It is recommended that someone looking to purchase a kids bike, has the bike fitted by a professional. To find a bike shop in your area click here