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Cycling Eye-Wear Overview

Sunglasses have a UV protection and glare category 1, 2, 3 or 4. The higher the rating the better quality and more UV glare protection the lens offers.

Lens material needs to be impact resistance to debris (e.g. insects/stones). Most lenses are of a polycarbonate material which is a soft resin that can absorb high impacts. The down side to the lens being softer is that it can scratch more easily. However, a scratched lens is better than having a piece of shattered glass damage your eye.

There are various types of lenses that offer various advantages in differing conditions. Some examples are listed below: So for your next purchase think of styles that can swap lenses while still considering the strength of uv and glare.

Polarised Lense Glasses

Glasses Polarised1

  • Reduces glare
  • Suitable for bright sunny days

Photochromatic Lense Glasses

Glasses Photochromatic1

  • Changes with all conditions
  • Suitable for all types of light

Clear Lense Glasses

Clear Glasses

  • Neutral tint
  • Suitable for poor light

Brown Red Lense Glasses

Glasses RedBrown1

  • Adds definition and relaxes eye
  • Suitable for all day light

Orange Lense Glasses

Glasses Orange1

  • Adds definition and relaxes eye
  • Suitable for all day light

Yellow Lense Glasses

Glasses Yellow1

  • Adds definition
  • Suitable for cloudy and dark days

Brown Lense Glasses

Glasses Brown1

  • Reduces Glare
  • Suitable for sunny days and high altitude

Some frames have full or half rims. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The key is to find a pair that is comfortable, well ventilated and safe. Full frames offer more safety protection to the face. However, some people find the full rim to be irritating and the lens is more likely to fog up when you are stationary. Half frames typically allow for more vision given there is less hindrances of the rim. However, in an accident there is an increase risk of cutting your face. These styles tend not to fog as much and the air dissipates more quickly when on the move. There are a lot of styles of sunglasses that are sport orientated, ventilated, non slip, interchangeable and prescription. The choices are vast. Just remember it’s very hard to ride without sight, so protect your eyes.

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