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Cruiser Bike Overview

As the name suggests Cruisers are the ultimate cruising bike. Often inspired by the beaches of California, these bikes are packed with comfort and style with little concern for efficiency. Some enthusiasts have even taken the style to a new level by customising their cruisers in various ways including bicycles that resemble chopper motor cycles.

Characteristics of a Cruiser

  • Relaxed frame geometry provides the utmost comfort whole largely sacrificing efficiency.
  • Unique colours and styles. Style is an important factor when buying a cruiser.
  • Large seat for comfort
  • High handlebar position for comfort
  • Gears will vary between cruisers, from no gears, to three speed to 21 speed.


Cruiser Bike Brands

There is a wide range of Cruiser brands available, bellow is a list of popular Cruiser brands:

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If you have any specific questions about Crusiers and the Cruiser bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what makes Cruiser bike riding so much fun, please feel free to contact us.