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Cycling clubs can be found almost anywhere. There are road cycling clubs, mountain cycling clubs, track cycling clubs and even triathlon cycling clubs. By basic definition, cycling clubs are a group of people who share the joy and passion for cycling.

I know that the thought of being a part of a cycling club sounds a little daunting, especially if you are an inexperienced cyclist, but this is not the case. Cycling clubs accept all sorts of cyclists at all abilities. This may not be the case for all cycling clubs as there is the rarity of elite clubs, but generally the atmosphere of a cycling club is to accept all, socialise and have a great time.

Most cycling clubs have their own websites which will inform you on their history, style and type of cycling they do. After you have a browse around you will be able to make an informed decision on whether this cycling club suits you. You will find that cycling clubs have their own kits and may even have a certain bike that is used which not only brings a sense of community but makes you really feel like you’re a part of a team.

One of the best aspects of a cycling club is for training. The rides change all the time and being that there are a range of skill levels in the cycling club, you can link up with someone of the same ability and motivate each other to do better. Times are tracked and techniques are watched all in an effort to improve the cycling clubs riders and to be known as the number one cycling club of its chosen style.

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