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Electra Bicycle Company is a bike company created by Benno Bänziger and Jeano Erforth and are based in the American state of California. Both born Swiss nationals, they grew up fascinated with California and action sports. Electra are well known for their modern cruiser bikes however also have ranges in the Hybrid, Commuter and Classic categories.

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2013 Electra Cruiser Bikes:

Betty 3i, Blanc et Noir 3i Black, Blanc et Noir 3i White, Butterfly 3i, Cherry Black 3i, Coaster 3i Alloy Torquoise, Courier 3i, Cruiser 1 Custom Ladies, Cruiser 1 Custom Mens, Cruiser 1 Ladies, Cruiser 1 Mens, Cruiser 7D Ladies, Crusier 7D Mens, Ghostrider 3i, Gigi 3i, Gypsy 3i, Hawaii 3, Hula 3i, Karma 3i, Koi 3i, Lakester 3i, Mariposa 3i, Navajo, Night Owl 3i, Om 3i, Peacock 3i, Punk 3i, Rat Fink 3i, Straight 8 3i, Sugar Skulls 3i, Super Deluxe 3i Ladies, Wren 3i, Zarape 3i.

2013 Electra Classic Bikes:

Amsterdam Classic 3i La Fonda, Amsterdam Classic 3i Ladies, Amsterdam Classic 3i Mens, Amsterdam Classic 3i Quatrefoil, Amsterdam Classic 3i Tree of Life, Amsterdam Original 3i Ladies, Amsterdam Original 3i Mens, Amsterdam Royal 8i Ladies.

2013 Electra Urban Bikes:

Ticino 16D Mens Putty, Ticino 20D Mens Chestnut, Ticino 8D Ladies Pearl, Ticino 8D Mens Denim, Townie 21D Ladies, Townie 21D Mens, Townie 3i Ladies,Townie 3i Ladies with Carrier, Townie 3i Mens, Townie 700c 18 Speed Mens Sport, Townie 700c 24 Speed Mens Euro, Townie 7D Ladies, Townie 7D Mens, Townie 8i Ladies, Townie 8i Mens.

2013 Electra Kids Bikes:

Townie 7D Girls.

2012 Electra Cruiser Bikes:

Balloon 3i (Womens), Bullet Tank MULHOLLAND 3i, Bullet Tank ZARAPE 3i, COASTER 1, COASTER 1 (Womens), COASTER 3i, COASTER 3i (Womens), COASTER 7D, COASTER 7D (Womens), CRUISER 1, CRUISER 1 (Womens), CRUISER 1 24", CRUISER 7D, CRUISER 7D (Womens), CRUISER CUSTOM 1, CRUISER CUSTOM 1 (Womens), GHOSTRIDER 3i, HELLBETTY TANDEM 3i, Ladies Fashion BLACK BETTY 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion BLANC ET NOIR 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion CHERIE 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion DAISY 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion FLEUR 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion GIGI 3i, Ladies Fashion GYPSY 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion HULA 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion KARMA 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion KOI 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion MARIPOSA 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion NIGHT OWL 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion OM 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion PEACE 3i (Womens), Ladies Fashion SUGAR SKULLS 3i (Womens), LAKESTER 3i, Original 3i (Womens), RAT FINK 3i, RATROD 3i, STRAIGHT 8 3i, SWING TANDEM 3i, Townie Balloon 3i, Townie Balloon 8i, Townie Balloon 8i (womens), Townie Original 1, Townie Original 21D, Townie Original 21D (Womens), Townie Original 3i,Townie Original 7D, Townie Original 7D (Womens), Townie Original 8i, Townie Original 8i (Womens).

2012 Electra Classic Bikes:

Amsterdam Original 3i, Ticino 7D, Ticino 7D (Womens), icino 8D, Ticino 8D (Womens), Verse 21D, Verse 21D (Womens), Verse 24D, Verse 24D (Womens).

2012 Electra Touring Bikes:

Amsterdam Classic 3i, Amsterdam Classic 3i (Womens), Amsterdam Original 3i (Womens), Amsterdam Royal 8i, Amsterdam Royal 8i (Womens), Courier 3i, Girard 3i (Womens), HAWAII 1/3i, HAWAII 1/3i (24" WHEELS), SUPER DELUXE 3i, SUPER DELUXE 3i (Womens), Ticino 20D, Ticino 20D (Womens).

2012 Electra Kids Bikes:

HAWAII 1 20", Hawaii 16" (Girls), MINI ROD 1 16", RATROD 1 20", TOWNIE 7D 20", TOWNIE 7D 20" (Girls).

If you have any specific questions about Electra bicycles, the Electra bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Electra Bicycles one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us directly.

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