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Riding Essentials

What you will need before riding

It is very important to know what you will need before riding. There are the essentials which fit all styles and conditions and they are Helmet, Water Bottle, comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. The next important factor is determining what style of riding that you will be doing, this includes: road, mountain, dirt, city etc. All the different styles require different equipment and needs further looking into if you are unsure. But a quick list of the essentials for the main styles are as followed:

Style Of Riding Bike Equipment
Off-Road Mountain
Off-Road and Freestyle

Other equipment may be needed depending on the climate, distance or time of day, such as lights and night time. These factors are also extremely important to be aware of before you start your ride. The equipment types of lights, eyewear, helmets, pedals, shoes or tyres listed will lead you to their specific category for further information.