Everything you need to know about Giant Bikes

Looking for a bike and not sure where to start? Not sure about who’s who in the biking world? Or do you want to find out a bit more about your favourite brand?

Welcome to everything you need to know about Giant bikes!

Firstly, let’s talk a little bit about Giant and

We go way back…!

Together we have delivered some of the most incredibly popular bike promotions in’s history, including the memorable ‘win a Giant bike every day’ competition during the Santos Tour Down Under.

Here is something you might not know...

Giant doesn’t need much of an introduction, but do you know what got the brand ticking and how?

Giant bike founders were engineers and craftsman who, in the early 1970s, realised they could put their expertise to good use and enhance the cycling experience by enhancing the actual bike itself. (Picture)

The masterstroke was developing lightweight aluminium frames – all of a sudden Giant was delivering high-quality bikes that were not out of financial reach. The public responded, and bike sales increased; more people began to discover the joy of cycling.

Let’s hear it for the girls. Introducing Liv/giant


Liv Giant 2014

A diffusion brand just for females? Sounds like a smart move…

Liv/giant is all about encouraging more women to take up – and maintain – cycling at any level. Liv/giant is an off-shoot brand of Giant comprising women-specific designed bikes, gear, accessories, events (including bike maintenance classes for women) and ambassadors. The Liv/giant family encourages a culture of happy, healthy, more adventurous women linked by a passion for cycling. Liv/giant has established a number of regular women’s rides around Australia that are for cyclists of all levels and skill.

But wait, there’s more!

Giant isn’t just about bikes – they also deliver on a massive range of rider and bike gear. So what else do they have on board?

Giant Rider Gear

Giant Bike Accessories

Giant Components

The Giant Super Stars

Go for a ride anywhere, any time and you’re bound to see a Giant bike out and about. Giant is a favourite amongst all levels of cyclists, but they certainly have their fair share of international superstar riders as well. We’re talking some of the most recognised named in the sport.

So who’s riding Giant?

  • Giant Shimano – formerly known as Argos Shimano, Giant announced its sponsorship of World Tour cycling team in January 2014. The announcement also includes sponsorship of a men’s development team and the Liv/Giant women’s pro team, Rabobank Liv.

  • Giant Shimano – Marcel Kittel, Koen de Kort, Albert Timmer, Bert de Backer, Chad Haga, Cheng Ji, Daan Olivier, Dries Devenyns, Georg Preidler, Johannes Frohlinger, John Degenkolb, Jonas Ahlstrand, Lawson Craddock, Luka Mezgec, Matthieu Sprick, Nikias Arndt, Ramon Sinkeldam, Reinardt Janse van Resburg, Roy Curvers, Sea Keong Loh, Simon Geschke, Thierry Hupond, Thomas Damuseau, Tobias Ludvigsson, Tom Dumoulin, Tom Peterson, Tom Stamsnijder, Tom Veelers, Warren Barguil

Giant also has a development team – Charter Mason Drapac.

  • Rabobank Liv – Marianne Voss, Pauline Ferrand Prevo, Anna Knauer, Anna van der Breggen, Annemiek van Vleuten, Iris Slappendel, Katarzyna Niewiadoma, Lucinda Brand, Roxane Knetemann, Sabrina Stultiens, Thalita de Jong

  • 24 Hour Solo – Jess Douglas

  • Triathlon – Clayton Fettell, Helen Jenkins, Timo Bracht, Erin Densham, Brad Kahlefeldt

  • Pro XC – Marianne Voss, Maja Wloszczowska, Fabian Giger, Emil Lindgren, Henk Jaap Moorlag, Jolanda Neff, Michiel van der Heijd, Pauline Ferrand Prevo

  • Cyclocross – Marianne Voss, Lars van der Haar, Lars Boom, Mike Teunissen, Saan van Paassen

  • Offroad – Paul van der Ploeg, Josh Carlson, Alex Meyland, Brad Davies, Craig Yates, Josh Carlson, Lewis

  • Rattray, Sam Chancellor, Scott Chancellor

  • Freeride – Andi Wittmann, Jeff Lenosky, Kurt Sorge

Giant – for the Tech Head

Giant Tech

Bikes are like computers – they just keep getting smarter, better and more efficient. So what makes a bike brilliant? Giant has a fair idea.

Composite Technology

Otherwise referred to as carbon fibre, delivers an ultra lightweight-to-strength ratio frame. In the world of speed cycling the stronger but lighter the frame, the better.

  • SL Composite – this is Giant’s premium, pro-grade carbon fibre and is woven in Giant’s very own factory

  • Advanced Composite Technology – high performance grade carbon with excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio

  • Giant Composite Technology - performance-grade raw carbon features best-in-class stiffness-to-weight ratios

Aluminium Technology

Lighter, stronger, stiffer. Engineering and cutting edge materials combine to deliver aluminium bike frames that continue to evolve to be lighter, stronger and stiffer than their predecessor models.

• ALUXX SLR – Giant’s top-of-the-range aluminium frameset with the highest strength-to-weight ratios, most advanced forming methods, and unique welding techniques

• ALUXX SL – Extremely lightweight framesets featuring high-performance strength-to-weight ratios

• ALUXX – Lightweight framesets featuring optimized strength-to-weight ratios

Compact Road Design

The science seems simple – smaller triangles create a stiffer, stronger bike. With this knowledge, Giant developed Compact Road Design, which essentially saw the toptube sloping down from the headtube, thus making the frame’s front and rear triangles smaller. Genius.

Giant – Behind the Scenes

So now you know enough about Giant to get a good idea for what’s behind the bike. But why hear it just from us? Click here to see what really makes Giant tick…

2014 Giant Road Bike Models:

Giant Road Bikes 2014

Giant Avail (Womens)

  • Giant Avail 1: A women’s endurance bike that is as capable out on bunch rides as it is taking you on a solo session.
  • Giant Avail 3: Lightweight and ready for a long day out, be it bunch riding or out there on your own for a solo strength building session!
  • Giant Avail Advanced 0: Responsive, a speed-lover, and ready to take you from sprint work-outs to an all-day out!
  • Giant Avail Advanced 2:A women’s endurance bike designed to be speedy, responsive as well as comfy, whether you’re planning some short power sessions or an all-day adventure.
  • Giant Avail Advanced SL 0: Made for female athletes – incredibly light, smooth and fast.
  • Giant Avail Composite 3: A light and agile bike great for climbing, and keeping tight and stable on the descents.

Giant Defy

  • Giant Defy 1: Where endurance road geometry and innovative alloy design meet to deliver a comfortable ride, no matter how hard you push yourself!
  • Giant Defy 2: A performance endurance roadie that will give you a new definition of entry-level.
  • Giant Defy 3: Want a bike that will climb, corner and sprint more efficiently without a paying through the roof for it?
  • Giant Defy Advanced 0: Be it a gran fondo or time up in the hills, this smooth-rider is the ultimate combo in lightweight, stiffness and precision riding.
  • Giant Defy Advanced 1: A bike that’s primed to take you on hard and fast races and long, challenging rides.
  • Giant Defy Advanced 2: Go further, faster with this performance endurance roadie.
  • Giant Defy Advanced SL 0: Giant pro riders have helped inform the development of this superlight, super endurance road bike – an awesome ride, be it for everyday or that epic weekender away.
  • Giant Defy Composite 2: A longer wheel base and somewhat taller headtube make for great endurance positioning – here’s a bike that delivers comfort in the saddle.
  • Giant Defy Composite 3: Keeping you comfy in the saddle makes for climbing, descending or sprinting all day long!

Giant Envie

  • Giant Envie Advanced 1: Welcome to the world’s first women’s specific aero road bike. Based on years of research and development as well as testing by the finest female speed-star (multi world champion Marianne Vos), this bike is F.A.S.T.
  • Giant Envie Advanced 2: Aerodynamic innovations, Advanced-grade composite frame – this Envie also lives for speed.

Giant Propel Advanced

  • Giant Propel Advanced 1: See this bike hit its straps in a sprint tri, on a lonely breakaway from the bunch or that penultimate lap of the crit.
  • Giant Propel Advanced 2: Umpteen hours in the wind tunnel for R&D, optimal stiffness and lightweight, give this all-rounder a chance and watch it fly.
  • Giant Propel Advanced SL 0: After a bike that delivers on aero advantage? Whether you’re sprinting, attacking, breaking away – this is the bike to get you there.
  • Giant Propel Advanced SL 1: Everything about this bike says speed. This is a bike that means business.
  • Giant Propel Advanced SL LTD: The ultimate in aero advantage, and one sleek-looking machine – this is one high-performing, awesome-looking machine. This is a limited edition model.

Giant TCR Advanced

  • Giant TCR Advanced 0: This bike and road racing go hand-in-hand. Be it ascending the hills or flying down tight bends, this is the kind of bike that will lap it up.
  • Giant TCR Advanced 1: Lightweight, stiff and no mucking around when it comes to acceleration – this is one sharp ride.
  • Giant TCR Advanced 2: A climber, a sprinter, a road racing machine.
  • Giant TCR Advanced SL 0: Is there any surprise why this bike keeps racking up the pro wins?
  • Giant TCR Advanced SL 1: Whether it’s sprinting or climbing, this member of the TCR family performs like every other; brilliantly.
  • Giant TCR SL LTD: A climber, a sprinter, a pro-level performer, a winner… This is a limited edition model.


  • Giant TCR SLR 0: Lightweight, aluminium, this is a super-efficient performer with sharp handling.
  • Giant TCR SLR 1: A ripper day-to-day option that promises to perform.

2014 Giant Triathlon/Time Trial Bike Models:

Giant Trinity Advanced

Wind tunnel testing and analysis, pro athlete feedback, engineering over years; Ironman and Tour de France performances have shown this is the bike for going up against the clock.

  • Giant Trinity Advanced SL 0
  • Giant Trinity Advanced SL 1

Giant Trinity Composite

From sprints to 70.3s to full Ironman distance, this is the bike designed to shave time.

  • Giant Trinity Composite 1
  • Giant Trinity Composite 1 W
  • Giant Trinity Composite 2
  • Giant Trinity Composite 2 W

2014 Giant Cyclocross Bike Models:

  • Giant Anyroad 1: The name says it all – here’s a go-anywhere drop-bar bike to make fitness and adventure that little more achievable!
  • Giant Brava SLR 2: This is the bike that just gets cyclocross – it knows it has to be as capable on the footpath as it is in sand or mud.
  • Giant TCX Advanced 0: The bike that’s fit for world champions. Combine innovation with a proven history of race-winning design, and this is the cyclocross-hungry machine you get!
  • Giant TCX Advanced 1: The bike that’s fit for world champions. Combine innovation with a proven history of race-winning design, and this is the cyclocross-hungry machine you get!
  • Giant TCX SLR 1: Its premium ALUXX SLR frame and OverDrive 2 steerer tube makes this bike light and agile for covering the depth and breadth of cyclocross conditions.

2014 Giant Mountain Bike Models:

26" Dual Suspension MTB's:

Giant Glory

Watch this bike take on a downhill and it’s no wonder 2011 DH World Champion Danny Hart opts for these two wheels!

  • Giant Glory 0
  • Giant Glory 1
  • Giant Glory 2

Giant Glory 27 5

26" Hardtail MTB's:

Giant Boulder

An inspiring name for a bike that’s inspired by challenging trails – here is a great explorer.

  • Giant Boulder 1
  • Giant Boulder 2

Giant Enchant

Style, comfort and stability – Enchant loves to cruise, be it around town, around uni, and anywhere in-between!

  • Giant Enchant 1
  • Giant Enchant 2

27.5" Dual Suspension MTB's:

Giant Anthem

The mountainbike made for those who just have to have their cycling cake and eat it, too; XC racing, marathon riding or that all-day epic, this bike has them all covered.

  • Giant Anthem 27.5 1
  • Giant Anthem 27.5 2

Giant Antem Advanced

No surprises that this was the bike modelled for Giant’s elite racers – it goes like a rocket over technical terrain.

  • Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 0
  • Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 1

Giant Lust

Sharp climbing, hairy descending, singletracks – this bike delivers speed, agility and confidence.

  • Giant Lust Advanced 27.5 0
  • Giant Lust Advanced 27.5 2

Giant Trance

A bike that’s awesomely light, agile yet super stable on the trails, no matter what they throw its way.

  • Giant Trance 27.5 1
  • Giant Trance 27.5 2

Giant Trance Advanced

If you want to go DH with confidence, but up like a pro, this is the endure bike to take you there.

  • Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 0
  • Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 1
  • Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 2

Giant Trance SX

A bike that’s awesomely light, agile yet super stable on the trails, no matter what they throw its way.

  • Giant Trance SX 27.5

Giant Trance Advanced SX

It’s all about DH, but you still want to smash it on the ascent – welcome to the bike made for you.

  • Giant Trance Advanced SX 27.5

Giant Mountain Bikes 2014

27.5: Hardtail MTB's:

Giant Obsess

Speed, and plenty of it. This is the XC-loving bike for posting wicked times as well as podium places.

  • Giant Obsess Advanced 27.5 1
  • Giant Obsess Advanced 27.5 2

Giant Talon

Speed, and plenty of it. This is the XC-loving bike for posting wicked times as well as podium places.

  • Giant Talon 27.5 1
  • Giant Talon 27.5 2
  • Giant Talon 27.5 4
  • Giant Talon 27.5 5

Giant Tempt

Get off road and get adventuring with an XC bike designed to keep the ride as smooth as possible.

  • Giant Tempt 27.5 2
  • Giant Tempt 27.5 4

Giant XTC

Get off road and get adventuring with an XC bike designed to keep the ride as smooth as possible.

  • Giant XTC 27.5 2

Giant XTC Advanced

Fast world cup courses are used to seeing this bike out in action. And no wonder – it’s fast, it’s light; it’s ultra-efficient.

  • Giant XTC Advanced 27.5 0
  • Giant XTC Advanced 27.5 2
  • Giant XTC Advanced 27.5 4

29er Dual Suspension MTB's:

Giant Anthem X 29er

29-inch wheels bring smoothness and stability – this bike is ready for weekend racing, not to mention all the mid-week training you want to throw its way as well.

  • Giant Anthem X 29er 1
  • Giant Anthem X 29er 2

Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er

  • Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er 1: Awesome XC speed combines with super precision, traction and control – a bike that’s ready to show you what it can do on any course.

Giant Trance X

The rougher the climb, the happier this bike seems to be.

  • Giant Trance X 29er 0
  • Giant Trance X 29er 1

Giant 2014 Giant Hybrid Bike Models:

Giant Lifestyle Bikes 2014

Giant Cypress

  • Giant Cypress DX: Swift, stable, this lightweight aluminium frame hybrid is a smooth and easy ride.
  • Giant Cypress DX W: A smart and stylish hybrid for cruising around town or just getting out for a quality spin.
  • Giant Cypress LX]: Swift, stable, this lightweight aluminium frame hybrid is a smooth and easy ride.
  • Giant Cypress LX W: A smart and stylish hybrid for cruising around town or just getting out for a quality spin.

Giant Revolt

Dirt roads, gravel roads, unpaved mountain tracks – dish it all up to this bike; it’ll take it in its stride.

  • Giant Revolt 0
  • Giant Revolt 1

Giant Roam

Whether you take it on paved roads or something dirtier, this bike will handle the terrain smoothly.

  • Giant Roam 0
  • Giant Roam 2
  • Giant Roam 3

Giant Roam XR

From pavements to dirt, from smooth climbing to rough-and-ready descents, this is your bike.

  • Giant Roam XR 0
  • Giant Roam XR 1

Giant Rove

Down the street, out for a ride with mates or through the bush, this bike’s ready for the lot.

  • Giant Rove 0
  • Giant Rove 2
  • Giant Rove 3

Giant Sedona

A relaxed women’s specific designed hybrid bike that’s ready to roll, be it off-road or on.

  • Giant Sedona DX
  • Giant Sedona DX W
  • Giant Sedona W

2014 Giant Urban Bike Models:

Giant Cross City

Whether it’s a commuter or your road to maintaining good fitness, this bike will look after your lifestyle.

  • Giant Cross City 0
  • Giant Cross City 0 W
  • Giant Cross City 1
  • Giant Cross City 1 W
  • Giant Cross City 2
  • Giant Cross City 2 W

Giant Cross City RX

Flat handlebars, but with the smooth glide of a roadie.

  • Giant Cross City RX
  • Giant Cross City RX W

Giant Cross City RX Composite

  • Giant Cross City RX Composite: Industry leading composite technology delivers a bike that’s smooth and stable.

Giant Seek

Mountain bike sturdiness with a hip urban edge.

  • Giant Seek 1
  • Giant Seek 2
  • Giant Seek 3

Giant Via

Mountain bike sturdiness with a hip urban edge.

  • Giant Via 1 W
  • Giant Via 2 W

2014 Giant BMX Bike Models:

Giant Method

A lightweight tapered chromoly fork and frame – design informed by the pros.

  • Giant Method 1
  • Giant Method 2
  • Giant Method 3

2014 Giant Kids Bike Models:

Giant Animator

Hello, childhood happiness!

  • Giant Animator
  • Giant JR Animator 12

Giant Areva

Lightweight aluminium frame, durable fork, friendly gear system – a fantastic big for a little person who just got that bit bigger.

  • Giant Areva 1 20
  • Giant Areva 1 24
  • Giant Areva 2 24

Giant Holly

Cute on style and big on adventure – these bikes are great little go-getters.

  • Giant Holly
  • Giant Holly 20
  • Giant L'il Holly

Giant Moda 20

Lightweight frame, 20” wheels and friendly-handling brakes. Just try to get him off this!

Giant Pre Push

Your little one’s very first and very special bike.

Giant Veer

Lightweight frame, internal shifting, this bike is ready to roll and have plenty of fun doing so!

  • Giant Veer 20 Boys
  • Giant Veer 20 Girls
  • Giant Veer 24 Boys
  • Giant Veer 24 Girls

Giant XTC

Boasting design inspiration from Giant’s adult mountain bikes, XtC Jr. is perfect for getting young trail riders stoked on riding dirt. Featuring a lightweight aluminium frame, fast-rolling 20 or 24-inch wheels and trail-ready tyres, XtC Jr. is ready for adventure.

  • Giant XTC JR 1 20
  • Giant XTC JR 1 24
  • Giant XTC JR 2 24

2013 Giant Road Bikes:

Avail 1 (Womens), Avail 3 (Womens), Avail Advanced 0, Avail Advanced 2, Avail Advanced SL 0, Avail Composite 3, Defy 1, Defy 2, Defy 3,Defy Advanced 0, Defy Advanced 1, Defy Advanced 2, Defy Advanced SL 0, Defy Composite 2, Defy Composite 3, Envie Advanced 1, Propel Advanced SL 0, Propel Advanced SL 1, TCR Advanced 0, TCR Advanced 1, TCR Advanced 2,TCR Advanced SL 0,TCR Advanced SL 1 , TCR Advanced SL 3.

2013 Giant Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

Trinity Composite 1, Trinity Composite 1 W.

2013 Giant Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Cross City 2, Cross City 3, Cross City 3 W, Cross City RX 0, Cross City RX 1, Cross City RX 1 W.

2013 Giant Cyclocross Bikes:

TCX 1, TCX Advanced SL.

2013 Giant Mountain Bikes:

Boulder 1, Boulder 1 W, Boulder 2, Boulder 2 W, Boulder 3, Boulder 3 W, Boulder 4, Boulder 4 W.

2013 Giant Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Glory 0, Glory 1, Glory 2, Reign 1, Reign 2.

2013 Giant 29er Bikes:

Boulder 29er 0, Boulder 29er 1, Talon 29er 0, Talon 29er 0 W, Talon 29er 1, Talon 29er 1 W, XTC 29er 2, XTC Advanced SL 29er 0, XTC Advanced SL 29er 1, XTC Composite 29er 1, XTC Composite 29er 2.

2013 Giant Dual Suspension 29er Bikes:

Anthem X 29er 0, Anthem X 29er 0 W, Anthem X 29er 1, Anthem X 29er 3, Anthem X 29er 4 W, Anthem X Advanced 29er 0, Anthem X Advanced 29er 1, Trance X 29er 0, Trance X 29er 00, Trance X 29er 1, Trance X 29er 2.

2013 Giant Hybrid Bikes:

Roam 1, Roam 2, Roam XR 1, Roam XR 2, Rove 1, Rove 2, Rove XR, Sedona, Sedona DX, Sedona DX W, Sedona W.

2013 Giant Urban Bikes:

Cypress DX, Cypress DX W, Cypress LX, Cypress LX W, Seek 0, Seek 1, Seek 2, Via 1, Via 1 W, Via 2, Via 2 W.

2013 Giant BMX Bikes:

Method 01, Method 02, Method 03.

2013 Giant Kids Bikes:

Animator 12", Animator 16", Areva 1 20", Areva 1 24", Areva 2 24", Holly 16", Holly 20", Lil Holly 12", Moda, Pre Push, Veer 20" Boys, Veer 20" Girls, Veer 24" Boys, Veer 24" Girls, XtC JR 1 20", XtC JR 1 24", XtC JR 2 24".

2012 Giant Road Bikes:

Avail 1 (Womans), Avail 3 (Womans), Avail Advanced 2, Avail Composite 3, Defy 1, Defy 2, Defy 3, Defy Advanced 2, Defy Advanced 3, Defy Advanced SL 0 ISP, Defy Composite 1, Defy Composite 3, Roam/W, TCR Advanced 0, TCR Advanced 2, TCR Advanced 3, TCR Advanced SL 0, TCR Advanced SL 1, TCR Advanced SL Rabobank, TCR Advanced W.

2012 Giant Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

Trinity Advanced SL 0, Trinity Advanced SL 1.

2012 Giant Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Cross city 1, Cross city 2, Cross City 2/W (womens), Cross City 3, Cross City 4, Cross City 4W (Womens).

2012 Giant Cyclocross Bikes:


2012 Giant Mountain Bikes:

Boulder 1, Boulder 2, Boulder 3, Boulder 4, Boulder 1 W (Womens), Boulder 2 W (Womens), Boulder 3 W (Womens), Boulder 4 W (Womens), Roam XR 1, Roam XR 2, Roam XR W (Womens), Talon 0, Talon 1, Talon 1 W (Womens), Talon 2, Talon 2 W (Womens), XTC.

2012 Giant Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Anthem X Advanced 1, Anthem X Advanced SL 0, Anthem X1, Anthem X1 W, Anthem X2, Anthem X3, Glory 0, Glory 1, Glory 2, Reign 1, Reign 2, Trance X Advanced 1, Trance X Advanced SL 0, Trance X0, Trance X1, Trance X1 W, Trance X3.

2012 Giant 29er Bikes:

Talon 0 29er, Xtc 29er 0, Xtc 29er 2, Xtc Composite 29er 0.

2012 Giant Dual Suspension 29er Bikes:

Anthem X 29er 0, Anthem X 29er 1.

2012 Giant Classic Bikes:

Via 2W (Womens), Via 3W (Womens).

2012 Giant Hybrid Bikes:

Cypress 1, Cypress 2, Cypress 3, Cypress 2W, Cypress 3W, Trail Glide 2W(Womens), Trailglide 1, Trailglide 1 W(Womens), Trailglide 2.

2012 Giant Touring Bikes:

Suede City W (Womans), Suede W (Womans), Transend 1, Transend 1W (Womens), Transend 2, Transend 2W (Womens), VIA 2, VIA 3.

2012 Giant Urban Bikes:

Seek 1, Seek 2, Seek 3.

2012 Giant Kids Bikes:

Animator 16", Areva 20" (Girls), Areva Street 20" (Girls), Areva Street 24" (Girls), Girls 20" (Girls), Holly 12 (Girls), Holly 16" (Girls), Method 01, Method 02, Method 03, Moda, XTC JR 1 24", XTC JR 2 24", XTC JR 20", XTC Street 20”, XTC Street 24”.