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Load Carrying Bike Overview

As the name suggests, a Load Carrying bike provides the capability to carry a vast amounts of luggage, depending on the type. Load Carrying bikes best suit families as the extra storage provides the essential capability of carrying the necessities that are needed when riding with children.

Some Load Carrying bikes resemble normal looking cruiser bikes, but have a stretched rear to fit large amounts of baggage. The main use for this type of Load Carrying bike is for touring long distances. They can carry sleeping bags, sleeping mats, food, water and anything else that’s needed. Other Load Carrying bikes do not resemble any style of bicycle. Some have single seats with stretched out fronts in order to fit large storage compartments. Other examples of these bikes may not be designed for storage, but rather to fit child seats. Although there are different styles of Load Carrying bikes, the main purpose is the same for all bikes in this category, to carry more luggage than the traditional bike.

Characteristics of Load Carrying Bikes

  • Capable of carrying lots of luggage.
  • Range of different styles, but most commonly a touring bike.
  • On and off road capabilities, depending on the style.

Load Carrying Bike

Load Carrying Bike Brands

There are a few major load carrying bike manufactures the list bellow mentions a few of the major load carrying bike brands.

Search for Specialized Load Carrying Bikes.
Search for Kona Load Carrying Bikes.
Search for Gazelle Load Carrying Bikes.

If you have any specific questions about Load Carrying bikes and the Load Carrying bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what makes Load Carrying bikes so much fun, please feel free to contact us.