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Malvern Star Overview

Malvern Star is an Australian Bike manufacturer who has been making Malvern Star Bikes since 1902. Today Malvern Star has over 80 different bike models covering all areas of cycling from road bikes, mountain bikes, recreational bikes, track bikes and kid's bikes. Malvern Star has continued to impress with their great road bikes that has continuously set the standard in the Australian bike industry.

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2013 Malvern Star Road Bikes:

Oppy A1, Oppy A2, Oppy A2 W, Oppy A3, Oppy C4, Oppy C4 W, Oppy C5, Oppy C6, Oppy Di2, Oppy SL, Oppy Team.

2013 Malvern Star Mountain Bikes:

Hurricane 0, Hurricane 1, Hurricane 2, Storm 0, Storm 1, Storm 2, Switch 26-3, Switch 26-3 W, Switch 26-5, Switch 26-7.

2013 Malvern Star 29er Bikes:

Switch 29-3, Switch 29-5, Switch 29-7.

2013 Malvern Star Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Sprint 1.0, Sprint 1.0 W, Sprint 3.0, Sprint 3.0 W, Sprint 5.0, Sprint 7.0.

2013 Malvern Star Hybrid Bikes:

Freedom 1.0, Freedom 1.0 W, Freedom 2.0, Freedom 2.0 W.

2013 Malvern Star Urban Bikes:

Vektor 3.0, Vektor 5.0, Vektor 7.0.

2013 Malvern Star Kids Bikes:

Attitude 20, Attitude 24, Blast, Cruisestar 12, Cruisestar 16, Cruisestar 20, Honey, Livewire 20, Livewire 24, Masterblaster, Mustang, MX12, MX16, MX20, Pony, RadMax, Roxy, Sparkle.

2012 Malvern Star Road Bikes:

Oppy A2, Oppy A3, Oppy A3 W, Oppy A4, Oppy A5, Oppy C5, Oppy C5 W, Oppy C6, Oppy C6 W, Oppy C7, Oppy Team.

2012 Malvern Star Triathlon / Time Trial Bikes:

Oppy TT7, Oppy TT9.

2012 Malvern Star Mountain Bikes:

Hurricane 1.0, Hurricane 2.0, Hurricane 2.0 W, Octane AL, Storm 1.0 W, Storm 2.0 W, Tempest AL W, XCS 1.0, XCS 2.0, XCS 3.0, XCS 5.0, XCS 5.0 W, XCS 7.0, XCS 9.0.

2012 Malvern Star Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Sprint 1.0, Sprint 1.0 W, Sprint 2.0, Sprint 2.0 W, Sprint 3.0, Sprint 5.0, Sprint 5.0 W, Sprint 7.0.

2012 Malvern Star Hybrid Bikes:

Freedom 1.0, Freedom 1.0 W.

2012 Malvern Star Urban Bikes:

Freedom 3.0, Freedom 9.0 C, XCU 5.0, XCU 7.0, XCU 9.0, XCU SS.

2012 Malvern Star Fixie Bikes:

One Star, Three Star.

2012 Malvern Star Cruiser Bikes:

Cruisestar SS, Cruisestar SS W, Roadstar 3S.

2012 Malvern Star Touring Bikes:

Freedom 2.0, Freedom 9.0C.

2012 Malvern Star Kids Bikes:

Attitude, Bebop, Blast, Buffy, Cruisestar 16, Cruisestar 20, Esprit, Honey, Hummer, Kaos, Livewire, Magnum, Masterblaster, Megastar, Misty, Mustang, MX 16, MX 20, Pony, Ponytail, Radmax, Roxy, Screamer, Sparkle, Stunt.

2011 Malvern Star Road Bikes:

Oppy Pro, Oppy C7 Team, Oppy C7, Oppy C6, Oppy C5, Oppy A5, Oppy A4, Oppy A3, Oppy A2.

2011 Malvern Star Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

Oppy TT9, Oppy TT7.

2011 Malvern Star Track Bikes:

Oppy T.

2011 Malvern Star Flat Bar RoadBikes:

Oppy A2F, Oppy A4F, FR 3.0, FR 2.0, FR 1.0.

2011 Malvern Star Fixie Bikes:

Three Star, One Star.

2011 Malvern Star Mountain Bikes:

XCS 9.0, XCS 7.0, XCS 5.0, XCS 3.0, XCS 2.0, XCS 1.0, Marque, Storm, Tempest AL.

2011 Malvern Star Hybrid Bikes:

Hurricane, Hurricane Disc, Vendetta, Octane AL, Alcova 7, CX 3.0, CX 2.0, CX 1.0, CXW 3.0, CXW 2.0, CXW 1.0.

2011 Malvern Star Urban Bikes:

XCU 9.0, XCU 7.0, XCU 5.0, XCU SS.

2011 Malvern Star Cruising Bikes:

Cruisestar 3S, Cruisestar SS Mens, Cruisestar SS Womens.

2011 Malvern Star Kid Bikes:

Dragster, Cruisestar 20, Cruisestar 16, Attitude, Hummer, Livewire, Roxy, Stunt, Scorpion, Radmax, Screamer, Magnum, Esprit, Vesta, Buffy, Sparkle, Megastar.

If you have any specific questions about Malver Star bicycles, the Malvern Star bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Malvern Star Bicycles one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us directly.

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