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Masi Bicycles is a manufacturer of road, track, cyclocross and commuter bicycles based in Vista, California, United States. Historically, the Masi story began in the 1950s with Faliero Masi building bicycle frames at the Vigorelli Velodrome in Milan following his career as a racer and team mechanic. Masi then migrated to the US and set up shop in California. The Masi name is now owned by Haro Bikes. Masi have a strong racing pedigree and have been ridden by the likes of Eddy Merckx.

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2013 Masi Road Bikes:

Alare, Alare Bellissima, Evoluzione 105, Evoluzione Dura Ace, Evoluzione Dura Ace Di2, Evoluzione Rival, Evoluzione Ultegra, Evoluzione Ultegra Di2, Gran Corsa, Gran Criterium, Inizio, Inizio Bellissima, Partenza, Partenza Bellissima, Premiare PC1, Premiare PC1 Bellissima, Premiare PC2, Premiare PC3, Premiare PC3 Bellissima, Premiare PC4, Speciale Strada, Vincere, Vincere Bellissima.

2013 Masi Cyclocross Bikes:

CX, CX Comp, CXR, CXR Comp, Speciale CX SS.

2013 Masi Fixie Bikes:

Fixed Riser, Fixed Uno Drop, Fixed Uno Riser.

2012 Masi Road Bikes:

Evoluzione Dura Ace, Evoluzione Ultegra, Evoluzione Rival, Evoluzione 105, Evoluzione Apex, Gran Criterium, Strada, Vincere, Alare, Partenza, Vincere Bellissima, Alare Bellissima, Partenza Bellissima. 2012 Masi Cyclocross Bikes:


2012 Masi Fixie Bikes:

Fixed Ultimate, Fixed Riser, Fixed Drop, Fixed Uno Riser, Fixed Uno Drop.

If you have any specific questions about Masi bicycles, the Masi bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Masi Bicycles one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us directly.

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