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Contributor 06/02/15

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Bike Shift/Brake Levers Overview

Shift/Brake Levers are also known as dual control levers. They have the ability of braking and changing gears in the same device. The most common style of shit/brake levers is to have the breaks accessable by squeezing your hand, with the gears being able to change by the movement of your thumb.

Road Bike Shifters

Road bikes shifters consist of a downward facing brake lever which when pulled activates the brakes and when pushed inwards towards the front wheel (like a pendulum) changes the gears of the front or rear derailleur (right lever changes rear derailleur and left lever changes front derailleur, vice versa in European style).

Road Bike Shifters

Mountain Bike Shifters

Mountain bike shift/brake levers use a horizontal brake lever and a “rapid fire” gear changing system. This system is attached to flat handlebars and consists of three levers. Two are within a short distance of the rider’s thumbs, which when pressed changes the gears to a higher or lower gearing ratio depending on what is required and the remaining lever activates the brakes which is located within short reach of the fingers.

Mountain Bike Shifters

If you have any specific questions about bike shift/brake levers or would simply like to hear more about the importance of bike shift/brake levers, please feel free to contact us.

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