is please to announce that Directeur Sportif will be writing technical advice on all aspects of cycling. Today’s article focuses on advice for sprinting.

Key advice for Sprinting

  • If you are not a natural sprinter you should focus your training to develop this area.
  • Try to eliminate known sprinters early in the race.
  • Force your competitors to work. Watch for signs of fatigue in your competitors and attack when they are struggling.
  • Make sure you are well informed. Know the tactical distances, i.e. from last corner, how many metres? Know the finish, corners, roundabouts, road surfaces, gradient etc. Check the wind direction. As a general rule of thumb,

    - If riding uphill you should follow.

    - If riding downhill you should lead out.

    - If riding into a head wind you should follow.

    - If riding into a tail wind you should lead out.

    - If riding into a cross wind, lead up the gutter and force them to cross around the windward side.
  • Use team tactics to assist in the lead out if applicable or for late attacks.
  • Always lay off the wheel, half  to one length, this gives room to run at the wheel and room to escape if someone is crowding you.
  • Remember to lay off the wheel for late attacks.
  • Learn how to “stall sprint”. Accelerate gradually then double click gears at the right time. STI levers are excellent for this.

Written by Directeur Sportif




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