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Tandem Bike Overview

Tandem bikes are a great way to share the joy of cycling with friends and family. Tandem bikes are often purchased by couples, families or people with a disability which restrict them from being able to ride a bike on their own.

Characteristics of Tandem Bikes

  • Designed for two riders on the one bike
  • More efficient than a standard bike with two riders
  • A fun and safer way for people with disabilities to enjoy cycling
  • Generally set up for paved roads

Tandem Bike

Tandem Bike Brands

When it comes to tandem bikes there are really only a couple of manufacturers that manufacture tandem bikes in any great number, see the list below for suggested brand tandem bikes.

If you have any specific questions about Tandem bikes and the Tandem bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what makes Tandem bikes so much fun, please feel free to contact us.