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2011 Telstra Victorian Business Awards Winner –, Australia’s #1 bike website for finding, buying and selling bikes, bike parts and accessories, is proud to announce it has been awarded the winner of the 2011 Telstra Victorian Business - AMP Innovation Award.

The awards, arguably one of the most recognised and prestigious in Australia, drew over 6,000 applicants from around the country.

Telstra Business Awards Host, Anne Fulwood, said despite the exemplary level of Victorian finalists, had demonstrated genuine innovation leadership and results since its inception in 2007.

“Such a simple idea – bring together the Australian cycling community on one website. To turn that community into a commercial concern and for it to be the go-to place for everyone who has a bike deserves the highest accolade” said Fulwood.

Last night’s news came as a thrilling shock to, which was founded by Jason Wyatt and Sam Salter.

“Attending the awards ceremony and seeing first-hand the quality and calibre of our fellow finalists was quite a sobering experience for us. To know we now sit with some of the country’s most successful business luminaries is at once surreal and exciting. We’ve always been a driven business but I am confident that last night’s announcement is now going to spur us onto some very exciting challenges and opportunities,” said Wyatt. receives over 445,000 visits per month and lists 45,000+ items for sale. It provides fast and simple search engines to sift through these listings, which are placed by a combination of nationwide private advertisers, as well as over 400 bike retailers. The site is consistently ranked Australia’s third most visited sports shopping website.

In recent times has expanded to include over 600 bike holidays from world-class tour operators both in Australia and overseas.

In addition to sales listings, the site also uploads regular product reviews, cycling tips, events and news.

“Bikes have outsold cars consistently for the past ten+ years in Australia. We realised cycling in all its forms was experiencing exponential growth, and recognised an opportunity to develop Providing an instant online service to find, buy and sell anything and everything bike related was a niche we knew we could capitalise on,” said Wyatt.’s rapid trajectory is a result of multiple revenue streams, a strong focus on marketing and a commitment to unparalleled customer service. Yet it is the company’s strength in innovation that has led to its win in this year’s Telstra Victorian Business Awards. This level of innovation extends to:


-    The development of a unique ecommerce platform that allows retailers to sell directly on and also provides them with a fully integrated customised ecommerce website;
-    An exemplary Search Engine Optimisation programme, which has delivered to the business prominent presence in online searches;
-    Simple advert placements, enabling users to quickly and effortlessly upload everything about their bike, including a video;
-    Advanced technology banner advertising, delivering more precision targeting. For example, a helmet distributor places a banner ad in the helmet section; clicking on the banner ad results in the instant display of all that distributor’s helmets;
-    Bespoke programming enables the business to track all web data since the site’s inception. This provides not only precise insights into consumer online behaviour, but invaluable data to the biking retail industry (in terms of trends, peak interest periods during the year etc). would like to thank all that have been involved in the sites evoloution, especially those who regularly use the site to buy and sell bikes and accessories.