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Entity HM30 Handlebar Mirror


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The Entity HM30 Handlebar Mirror can be mounted in various locations on your bike, on road bike dropbars, city commuter handlebars, fork legs and other locations that work for you. The rubber strap attaches to tubes of various shapes with diameters ranging from 12 to 40 mm.

Mirrors on bike are often seen as an eye sore but ask any rider that has once used a mirror in a busy road and you will hear stories of how much safer they felt riding their bikes, fully aware of what is coming behind and being able to make pro-active safety decisions without the risk of unintentional swerving from looking back over your shoulder.

The Entity HM30 features an unbreakable chrome plated plastic highly reflective convex surface to minimize blind spots. To test the unbreakable chrome plated plastic factory claim, we laid our sample on the road and had a car drive over it five times. Much to our surprise, there was not even a slight scratch on the mirrored surface.

We opted for the rubber strap on the Entity HM30 for its universal mounting possibilities, allowing you to choose the absolute best position to mount your new mirror and keep an eye on what's behind you, in a location that is confortable for you and won't require you to look away from the path ahead. Once you try the Entity HM30 Handlebar Mirror, you will understand why more and more riders are riding with mirror nowadays. 



  • Unbreakable chrome plated plastic
  • 57mm diameter convex reflective surface
  • 4-position silicone stretch strap
  • Fits 12mm - 40mm tubes of any shape
  • Weight: 24g
  • Folds on impact


WARNING: Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

Brand: Entity
Type: Bicycle Handlebar Mirrors
Item condition: New
Availability: Buy online
ID: 104569268

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Entity HM30 Handlebar Mirror


FREE shipping within Australia
Buy online only


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