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Cycling-Inform 12-Week Leaner Cyclist Challenge


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Dump your excess body weight, reclaim your youthful leaner athletic body and keep your weight from spiralling out of control as you get older…

The 12 Week Leaner Cyclist Challenge includes 12 weeks of access to our coaching service (including three specific 12 week Leaner Cyclist Challenge training plans), the six 12 Week Leaner Cyclist Challenge core modules, the 12 Week Leaner Cyclist Challenge eating plans and recipes and access to our private Leaner Cyclist Facebook group.

Our eating plans and quick to prepare recipes help you improve your metabolic efficiency so that you burn more fat at higher riding intensities.

We help improve both your weight and power so that you get noticeable improvements with all your hill climbing times.

Get real improvements in your FTP from the time you invest in your training instead of just keeping busy doing hit or miss training that may or may not be helping you.

With improved power and overall pedal efficiency, it’s going to make a huge difference to your performance on the bike.

We have been working with leading strength and conditioning trainers since 2006. No other strength training program comes close to its depth.

The six core training modules have been designed to help you transform into your complete and more leaner cyclist.

Eating plans that have recipes that are quick to prepare and designed to help you improve your metabolic efficiency so that you burn more fat at higher riding intensities.

Whatever level you are riding at right now, you can take advantage of our experience, giving you hours of previously wasted training time back as well as quickly getting improvements with your cycling performance.

Not just training programs, we provide training resources that include indoor training videos that help you with your pedaling efficiency and off-the-bike strength training to help you get stronger and faster, quicker.

Most training platforms just deliver a training program and leave you to figure it out yourself. Not with us. We provide you with coaching support and valuable data analysis to make sure you’re are on track.


Sign up today.

Get exclusive access to the Leaner Cyclist training modules, your training program and eating plans.

Begin your leaner cyclist training program and get support from your coach and our online community.

Start getting fitter and leaner!


The Leaner Cyclist Program is made up of the following six core training modules which make up the foundation to your ultimate, life changing transformation.
Module 1 – Getting Started – Creating the Change
Module 1 covers the change process and how to get your mindset ready to commence. We provide you with several powerful tools to help make your conviction to losing weight so strong that you will be unstoppable in your campaign to get your weight off and keep it off.

Module 2 – How To Use Energy Systems To Your Advantage
Module 2 discusses about why nutritional timing is important. Our nutritional plans have been tuned to ensure that you lose weight while still having the energy to train.

Module 3 – Other Factors that Influence Weight Loss
There’s a lot of other factors outside of diet, biking and exercise that make people effectively lose weight. Module 3 covers all that, so that our readers can maximise their weight loss and gain full, self-control over it.

Module 4 – Goal Setting and Planning
This module is going to help you lose weight, keep it off, and maintain it. What’s more, you can use all the information gathered from this module in all aspects of your daily life.

Module 5 – High-Performance Training
We cover off the training methodology that we have used and perfected over the last ten years in order to help athletes like you get awesome results – all the whilst still managing to balance your family life and work commitments.

Module 6 – How to use your Heart Rate and Power Meter
This module covers how to properly use your heart rate monitor, power meter and smart trainer.

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How much weight should I expect to lose
Most of our clients are able to lose a kilogram or more a week on this program. Your results may vary though depending on your circumstances.

Who will this work for?
Anyone over 18 to well into the senior years
Especially important for anyone 40+
Women and men
People that have tried diets before with little success but have a willingness to change
People that are vegetarians, gluten free etc.

Do you need to purchase any special supplements or buy expensive food?
You don’t need special dietary supplements or purchase expensive food. You can purchase the food in the eating plans from any local supermarket. And… this eating plan is probably going to be cheaper than the food you are buying at the moment.

Will my performance drop off?
The first two weeks are the hardest and you may see a performance decrease during this time. If you have an important race or event coming up in the next few weeks then I recommend that you sign up now then start on your weight loss journey after your event.

What sort of side effect will I experience?
Here are some of the possible side effects:

Less chance of getting the 3 pm fade
Able to ride longer with less food
Possible reduction in joint inflammation
An overall feeling of better well being
Improved hill climbing speed
Better management of bunch surges
Reduced food cravings

Do the meals take a long time to prepare?
No, they don’t. Usually 5 – 20 mins

I'm a racing cyclist, will this work for me?
Yes, it will.

I'm a recreational rider, will this work for me?
Yes, it will.

What sort of improvement will I see with my FTP?
It will vary depending on where you are at with your riding and how much available time you have to train. Most of our clients see an improvement of between 20 to 50 watts over 6 months.

Do I need a power meters to do this training?
Because our methodology is based on core fundamental cycle training that gets results, the technology we use doesn’t change the way we train you, only the way we measure your performance. You can use a cadence meter and perceived effort, a heart rate monitor or a power meter. It’s your choice. Our training system will work with them all.

What's the minimum equipment requirement to do this program?
You just need a cadence meter on your bike, an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

Is this program completely home trainer based?
No. We understand that you are unique and have your own personal training preferences. We keep it flexible so you can choose whether you want to train just on a home trainer or just out on the road or a blend of the two. Hate indoor trainers or don’t have one? Don’t worry, you can take all your indoor training sessions out on the road with our detailed timing sheets and training files that work with your Garmin or Wahoo bike computers while you’re outdoors.

Do I need Zwift, TrainerRoad or a smart trainer to use this program?
No, you don’t. While we interface to these platforms and all smart trainers, you don’t need them to start. We have recorded videos for all the indoor training sessions so you can ride along to them on a standard trainer.

What is the difference between your coaching membership and the Leaner Cyclist?
The Leaner Cyclist Program includes three months of access to our coaching service, the six Leaner Cyclist core modules (including three specific 12 week Leaner Cyclist training plans), the Leaner Cyclist eating plans and recipes and access to our private Leaner Cyclist Facebook page.

Cycling-Inform 12-Week Leaner Cyclist Challenge


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