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Stan's No Tube Gold race/TWE wheels

Now AU$799 AU$999

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whees painstakingly built with choice of Dt spokes (comps or revs), TWE hubs and gold race 325g rims.
picture shows the factory wheels- with no tubes hubs- these are not the wheels for sale here ! its just so you know which rims are used

Product Details

  • Riding Style: Cross Country
  • Wheel Size: 29"
  • Inflation: Tubeless
  • Axle Type: Combination
  • light weight
  • precision built
  • backup and service in australia
  • more durable


32H, TWE interchange hubs change between any axle system. built more sensibly (more robust) than the factory spec'd wheels- by popular demand. weight ~1440g/pr
...stiffer more robust wheels..but still with low rotating weight

Store Info


All TWE Wheelsets are unique custom builds. As such there are tremendous variations and cross over of models and components. If there's a good rim on the market, then I offer that rim in my range. I have every model of DT spoke, some models of Pillar spokes also and quite a few hub models. As a guide:

- Alloy TWE wheels start at $750/pr and go up to $1100. ..all high grade components skimping on quality- even at this price.Note that these are internet prices.
- Carbon wheels, built with my premier TWE hubs and Dt Aerolite spokes (and a incl. TWE kit) are around $1500-$1950

All TWE wheels come with heavily discounted back up and service in Australia (if not free)..and a crash replacement warranty... My wheels are not disposable items like some other brands wheels end up being. Buyers will also enjoy ongoing discounts - it's our way of saying thank you to our valued TWE customers.
Thanx for looking in Greg Ryan TWE

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