Tips on buying Bike Brake Levers

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Tips on buying Bike Brake Levers
By December 02, 2014

Buy Bike Brake Levers

Bike brake levers are the mechanism that is located on the handlebar at the front of the bike. There are generally two located on either side of the handlebar for both hands and their function is to control the brake pads that are positioned next to the wheels of the bike. All brake levers are different depending on the brand and type of the bike, but they all are activated by a tight squeeze of you hand which will make the brake pads tighten against the wheels to slow down the bike. Bike brake levers come in a range of different colours and come attached to a new bike when purchased. They can be sold individually but be cautious as not every brake lever will suit every bike.

Bike Brake Levers

If you have any specific questions about bike brake levers, or would simply like to hear more about the importance of brake levers, please feel free to contact us.