Car Bike Racks

Car Bike Racks
By December 05, 2014

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Car Bike Racks Overview

A car bike rack is a piece of equipment that you can attach to your car to transport your bike. Car bike carriers can be attached to various places depending on the vehicle but the most common are the roof, rear trunk and tow ball.

Rooftop Car Bike Rack

As the name suggests the whole bike is able to travel on the roof of your car. The front wheel may or may not need to be removed and placed elsewhere in the car. It is important to note that this will add substantial height to clearance of your car and care must be taken when travelling under low clearance bridges and supports.

bike carrier roof

Tow Ball Car Bike Rack

This type of carrier is ideal for small cars. As long as the vehicle possesses a tow bar and ball, it is very quick and easy to connect. Whilst this should not add any extra height to the car, care must now be taken when reversing instead!

car bike carrier

Boot Car Bike Rack

This option comes with many adjustment settings allowing it to fit a large number of car makes and models. Whilst being one of the most economical carriers in terms of saving space, it may present some difficulties with poor rear view visibility.

Boot Car Bike Carrier