Riding Getaway

Riding Getaway
By February 03, 2015

How to Choose a Cycling Holiday

So you want to go on a bike holiday but the problem is that you don't know where. What is the best bike holiday for great off-road tracks? What bike holiday will have has the best roads to cycle on? There are so many options that need to be considered before choosing the right bike holiday for you.

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So - what should a bike holiday cost? This might be the first question on your mind, and there are so many different variables that effect the price of your bike holiday. Are you looking for an international bike holiday or do you want a bike holiday somewhere closer to home? What equipment will you be using; road bikes, mountain bikes or maybe touring bikes? Believe it or not this will definitely alter the cost of your bike holiday. One bike holiday might seem cheaper than the other, but remember that certain packages include more than others; you just need to decide if these reasons matter to you.

Location, Location, Location! Will your bike holiday be local, interstate or international? There are various biking holidays around the world that can accommodate the type of holiday you are after. From luxurious hotels to backpacking in the bush, the decision of location plays an important part in the all-round preparation of your bike holiday. Are you looking for a challenge? Perhaps a bike holiday in the French Alps might be what you’re after? Too pricey? What about a weekend riding along the Great Ocean Road! Not much of a road rider ay, more of a mountain biker? Well the amazing trails down Noosa will have your blood pumping!

Duration for some maybe the most important factor when choosing the right bike holiday, and the reasons why are endless. A long bike holiday can be quite difficult and the riding ability and route chosen needs to be carefully assessed before you book your bike holiday. There are one-day tours right up to two or even three week bike holidays. Many tour operators can customise a tour to suit you. So if you’re worried about your fitness level then don’t be; it’s your bike holiday, you choose when you want to ride and when you want to sight see!

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What Kind of Bike Holiday?

Bike Vacation Choice

The type of bike holiday is the next important factor, such as a guided cycling tour or a self-guided cycling holiday. You may not even want to ride, in which case a non-cycling/Spectator bike holiday would suit you better. This can involve being a spectator at famous events such as the Tour De France, Giro d’Italia or Vuelta a Espagna. Here is a quick list that needs to be considered:

  • What type of track do you want to be riding on, on-road or off-road?
  • What difficulty level are you, beginner/intermediate/advanced?
  • Do you want a guided, self-guided or non-cycling/Spectator bike holiday?
  • Do you want family and friends to come long on your bike holiday?

Knowing the essentials for any bike holiday is very important as this will not only help with comfort, but can be a life saver in certain terrains.

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