Eddy Merckx Bikes

Eddy Merckx Bikes
By July 21, 2014

Eddy Merckx Bikes Overview

"The Eddy Merckx Company was established 30 years ago with a mission to produce the finest cycles in the world, and that goal hasn’t changed a bit. We have a new range of cycles including both carbon fiber and aluminum frames - and it’s our stated aim to get more people to enjoy the thrill of riding an original Eddy Merckx cycle. Our staff, technicians and dealers are central to this aim, but there has recently been a real change in focus and approach. Step-by-step, we are moving from being a local workshop into becoming a modern worldwide player with production lines and systemization. Of course, Eddy is still at the heart of the company, and his eye for detail and quality strives each of us to yet higher standards. He is an integral part of the design process, and always tests each new model himself."

Eddy Merkx Road Bike

2013 Eddy Merckx Road Bikes:

AMX 3, EFX 1, EFX 3, EMX 1, EMX 3, EMX 5, EMX 525, EMX 7, UMX S.

2013 Eddy Merckx Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:


2012 Eddy Merckx Road Bikes:

UMX-R, UMX-S, AFX-1, AMX-3, EMX-1, EMX-3, EMX-5, EMX-7, EFX-1, EFX-3

2012 Eddy Merckx Womens Bikes:

EFX-3, EFX-1, AFX-1