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Felt Bikes
By July 21, 2014

Felt Bikes Overview

Felt Bikes originated in the 1980s when Jim Felt designed a triathlon bike for motocross star Johnny O’Mara. The brand and company grew and after 10 years Jim expanded his bike range to suit all bike riders. Felt Bikes now has track bikes, road bikes, off-road bikes and triathlon bikes for all levels and forms of riding. Felt have bikes that have broken time-trial records, won countless world road races and won gold in the Olympics.

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2014 Felt Road Bikes:

AR15, AR2, AR3 R, AR4, AR5, F FRD, F2, F24, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F75, F85, F95, Z100, Z2 Di2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z85, Z95, ZW100, ZW4, ZW5, ZW85, ZW95.

2014 Felt Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

B12, B14, B14 W, B16, DA2, DA3, DA4, IA FRD, IA FRD LTD, S32.

2014 Felt Track Bikes:

TK2, TK3.

2014 Felt Fixie Bikes:

2014 Felt Cyclocross:

F24X, F3X, F4X, F5X, F65X, F75X.

2014 Felt Hybrid Bikes:

QX 100, QX 60, QX 60 (Women's), QX 65, QX 65 (Women's), QX 70, QX 70 (Women's), QX 75, QX 75 (Women's), QX 80, QX 80 (Women's), QX 80D, QX 80D (Women's), QX 85, QX 85 (Women's), QX 90, QX 90 (Women's).

2014 Felt 26" Mountain Bikes:

Krystal 60, Krystal 70, Krystal 85, Six 60, Six 70, Six 80, Six 85, Six 90, Six 95.

2014 Felt 26" Dual Suspension Mountain Bike:

Compulsion LT 3, Compulsion LT 50, Virtue Six 3, Virtue Six 40, Virtue Six 60.

2014 Felt 27.5" Mountain Bikes:

7 Fifty, 7 Sixty, 7 Thirty.

2014 Felt 29er Bikes:

Nine 1, Nine 2, Nine 3, Nine 30, Nine 4, Nine 5, Nine 50, Nine 60, Nine 70, Nine 80, Nine FRD.

2014 Felt Cruiser Bikes:

Beaumont, Bixby, Burner, Claire, Heritage, Luv, Rail, Red Baron.

2014 Felt BMX Bikes:

Base 18.5, Base 20.5, Chasm, Ethic, Fuse, Heretic, Mystic, Pyre, Sector 24, Sector Expert, Sector Junior, Sector Mini, Sector Pro X, Sector XL, Vault, Vault 16".

2014 Felt Touring Bikes:

QX 70-EQ, QX 70-EQ (Women's), QX 80-EQ, QX 80-EQ (Women's), QX 90-EQ, QX 90-EQ (Women's).

2014 Felt Kids Bikes:

Base 12, Base 16, Q20-R, Q20-S, Q24, Q24 Disc.

2014 Felt Electric & Power Assisted Bikes:

NINEe20, NINEe30, QXE 100-EQ, QXE 85-EQ, QXE 90-EQ, QXE 95, VERZAe10, VERZAe20 (NuVinci), VERZAe20 (Shimano), VERZAe30.

2013 Felt Road Bikes:

B12, F5.

2013 Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

B16, DA3, DA4, DA4W.

2012 Felt Road Bikes:

AR1, AR2, AR3, AR4, AR5, F1 Di2, F1 R, F2 Dura-Ace, F2 Ultegra Di2, F3, F4, F4130 - 105, F4130 - Athena, F5, F55, F6, F75, F85, F95, F95 Jr. Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z75, Z85, Z85,Z95, Z95, ZW3 (Women), ZW4 (Womens), ZW5 (Womens), ZW6 (Womens), ZW75 (Womens), ZW95.

2012 Felt Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

B12, B16, B16W (Women), B2, DA1 Di2, DA1 R, DA1 R, DA2, DA4, DA4W (Womens), S22, TK2, TK3.

2012 Felt Track Bikes:

TK2, TK3.

2012 Felt Cyclocross:

F2X, F3X, F4X, F55X, F65X, F75X.

2012 Felt Hybrid Bikes:

QX-100, QX-120, QX-90, QX-90 (Womens), QX-90D, QX-90D (Womens), QX-S75, QX-S75 (Women's), QX-S85, QX-S85 (Women's), QX-S95, QX60, QX60 (Women's), QX70, QX70 (Womens), QX80, QX80 (Womens), QX80D, QX80D (Womens).

2012 Felt Fixie Bikes:


2012 Felt Mountain Bikes:

Q1020, Q1220, Q200, Q220, Q500, Q520, Q600, Q620, Q720, Q820, Q920, QW 2 (Woman), QW 5 (Womens), QW 6 (Womens), QW 7 (Women), Six Elite, Six LTD, Six Pro, Six Team.

2012 Felt Dual Suspension Mountain Bike:

Compulsion Comp, Compulsion Expert, Compulsion Prime, Compulsion Rhythm, Edict Elite, Edict LTD, Edict Pro, Edict Team, Virtue Comp, Virtue Elite, Virtue Expert, Virtue LTD, Virtue Pro, Virtue Team, Vitue Sport.

2012 Felt 29er Bikes:

Nine Comp, Nine Elite, Nine Race, Nine Sport, Nine Team, Nine Trail.

2012 Felt Cruiser Bikes:

Beaumont, Heritage, Red Baron, Squealer, Vivi (Womens).

2012 Felt BMX Bikes:


2012 Felt Touring Bikes:

QX EQ 70, QX EQ 70 (Women's), QX EQ 80, QX EQ 80 (Women's), QX EQ 90 D, QX EQ 90 D (Women's).

2012 Felt Kids Bikes:


If you have any specific questions about Felt bicycles, the Felt bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Felt Bicycles one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us directly.

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