Low Rider/Chopper Bikes

Low Rider/Chopper Bikes
By February 24, 2015

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Low Rider/Chopper Bike Overview

A Low Rider bike is a heavily customized bike that was inspired by low rider cars. As the name implies, it sits low to the ground and instead of having the pedals under you like traditional bikes, they are far in front. Common modification of a Low Rider bike are a long leather banana seat, a chrome sissy bar which supports the seat and overspoked wheels to resemble a cars rim. They are also slow, heavy and difficult to turn. Low Rider bikes generally suit a younger rider who enjoys slow leisure riding rather than anything highly demanding or fast paced. They are also strictly on road bikes as they do not have the necessary requirements for anything off-road. Low Rider and Chopper bikes are extremely similar to one another except that the chopper bike is more influenced by the chopper motorcycle rather than low rider cars.

Low Riders and choppers are similar to cruisers, be sure to check out cruisers for more like products!

Characteristics of Lower Rider/Chopper Bikes

  • Low to the ground.
  • Heavily customised.
  • Slow and heavy.
  • Hard to Turn.
  • Comfortable

Lower Rider Bike1

Lower Rider/Chopper Bike Brands

There are a few major low rider/chopper bike manufactures the list bellow mentions a few of the major low rider/chopper bike brands.

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