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Francesco Moser is a former Italian cycling champion with numerous Giro d'Italia and one day classic wins. When he left the professional circuit he formed Cicli Moser and began producing small volumes of boutique road frames. Moser's frames are unique among Italian racing bicycles for being fillet brazed using silver solder rather than using lugs with brass brazing; silver solder never gets hot enough to weaken the tubing and thus bicycles constructed in this manner do not need to be reinforced with lugs, thus reducing the bicycle's weight. Moser bicycles are exquisitely built racing machines.

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2013 Moser Road Bikes:

7PUNTO2 COD. 01, 7PUNTO2 COD. 02, 7PUNTO2 COD. 03. 7PUNTO2 COD. 04, STEALTH COD .01, STEALTH COD .02, STEALTH COD .03, STEALTH COD .04, 666 COD 0.1, 666 COD 0.2, 666 COD 0.3, 666 COD 0.4.

2012 Moser Road Bikes:

Moser 001, Moser 999, Moser 666, Moser 333, Moser 111, Moser Force, Moser Speed, Moser Leader AX.

2012 Moser Traithlon/Time Trial Bikes:

Moser Chrono 60.

2012 Moser Cyclocross Bikes:

Moser Cross.

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