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Norco Bikes is a bike manufacturer founded in 1964 and currently headquartered in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Norco designs and distributes more than 140 bike models to more than 21 countries. Norco Bikes has a great range of bikes which can suit not just the hardcore bike riders, but the weekend riders as well. Norco Bikes specialty is Mountain and Dual Suspension Mountain bikes which have very cool designs and are extremely reliable. Norco Bikes is not one of the most ridden brands, but is equal if not better in quality than any of it's competitors.

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2013 Norco Mountain Bikes:

Charger 6.3, Katmandu, One25, Ryde 24, Ryde 26, Storm 6.1, Storm 6.2, Storm 6.2 Forma, Two50, Wolverine.

2013 Norco Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Fluid 9.1, Fluid 9.2, Fluid 9.3, Shinobi 2, Shinobi 3.

2013 Norco 29er Bikes:

Charger 9.1, Charger 9.1 Forma, Charger 9.2, Charger 9.3, Charger 9.3 Forma, Nitro 9.1, Storm 9.1,Team 9.1.

2013 Norco Dual Suspension 29er Bikes:

Aurum, Aurum 1 Boxxer, Aurum 2, Aurum 3, Fluid 6.1, Fluid 6.2, Fluid 6.3, Revolver 1, Revolver 2, Sight Killer B-2, Sight Killer B-3.

2013 Norco Road Bikes:

Tactic, Valence A1, Valence A1 Forma, Valence A3, Valence A3 Forma, Valence A4, Valence C3, Valence C3 Forma, Valence C4,

2013 Norco Cyclocross Bikes:

Threshold A3, Threshold Alloy.

2013 Norco Flat Bar Road Bikes:

FBR, FBR Forma, VFR 1, VFR 2, VFR 2 Forma, VFR 3, VFR 3 Forma, VFR 4, VFR 4 Forma.

2013 Norco Hybrid Bikes:

Rideau, Rideau Step-Thru, Vermont, Vermont Step-Thru, Yorkville, Yorkville Step-Thru.

2013 Norco Urban Bikes:

Cityglide 7sp Womens, Cityglide 8sp Womens.

2013 Norco Fixie Bikes:


2013 Norco BMX Bikes:

Diesel, Volt.

2012 Norco Mountain Bikes:

Charger 6.1, Charger 6.3, Katmandu, Nitro 6.1, Storm 6.1, Storm 6.1 Forma, Storm 6.2, Storm 6.2 Forma, Wolverine.

2012 Norco Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Aurum 1, Aurum 2, Fluid DX , Fluid LX, Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Phaser 3, Range 1, Sight 1.

2012 Norco 29er Bikes:

Charger 9.1, Charger 9.2, Charger 9.3, Nitro 9.2, Nitro 9.3, Storm 9.1.

2012 Norco Dual Suspension 29er Bikes:

Revolver 1, Shinobi 2, Shinobi 3.

2012 Norco Road Bikes:

CRR Three, Valence Alloy 1, Valence Alloy 3, Valence Alloy 3 Forma (Womens), Valence Carbon 2, Valence Carbon 3.

2012 Norco Hybrid Bikes:

Rideau, Rideau (womens), Vermont, Vermont (womens), Yorkville, Yorkville (womens).

2012 Norco Urban Bikes:

Club, Indie 4, Indie SS, VFR 1, VFR 2, VFR 2 Forma (womens), VFR 3, VFR 4, VFR 4 Forma (womens).

2012 Norco BMX Bikes:

One25, Magnum, Two50.

2012 Norco Kids Bikes:

Detonator, Diva, Eliminator, Spice.

If you have any specific questions about Norco bicycles, the Norco bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Norco Bicycles one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us directly.

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