Paraphernalia and Memorabilia

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Paraphernalia and Memorabilia
By February 06, 2015

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Cycling Paraphernalia and Memorabilia

Paraphernalia and memorabilia are products that are uncommon to the usual products that are produced by a company. An example would be a brand such as Giant, known for their bikes, creating a bottle opener or a wallet. These types of unusual products are seen as collective items for the lovers of the brand. There are other forms of paraphernalia and memorabilia which are usually more expensive and a lot rarer. These items include signed and framed jerseys, bikes used in special events or even signed images.


If you have any specific questions about bike paraphernalia and memorabilia, or would simply like to hear more about the importance of bike paraphernalia and memorabilia, please feel free to contact us.

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