Preparing Your Bike for Sale

Preparing Your Bike for Sale
By December 02, 2014


Taking the time to clean and service your bike may mean you will get more for it once you sell it. Before you place your bike for sale on, have it looking and running as good as possible. To achieve this, we have offered some suggestions to prepare your bike for sale.

  • Clean your bike (see Bike Cleaning).
  • Ensure that the gears and brakes are working at their best. It may be worth taking your bike to a shop for a professional service (see Bike Shop Directory, to find a bike shop near you).
  • Spending a little bit of money on your bike to improve its appearance may increase your selling price. For example new grips, handle bar tape or even tyres can help the bike to look in top condition.
  • Ensure that the tyres are pumped up and the chain is well lubricated.

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If you have any specific questions about preparing your bike, or would simply like to hear more about how to prepare your bike, please feel free to contact us.