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Road Bikes

December 02, 2014
Road Bikes

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Road Bike Overview

If you want speed then a road bike is for you. They have a light frame, large wheels, 20 gears and are aero-dynamic. They also have a range of different pedals which heavily differ to the standard platform pedals found on most bicycles. The road bikes are the sort of bikes that you will find the Olympic athletes using, the seat and frame are made in a way that the rider has to lean forward which makes the whole bike aero-dynamic. Because of their light frame the road bikes are more fragile then your average bike, therefore they should only be ridden on flat surfaces. Road bikes are built for speed and efficiency.

Characteristics of Road Bikes

  • Light frames.
  • Larger 700c size wheels.
  • Generally come with 20 gears.
  • More fragile than other bikes.
  • Designed so that the rider is leaning forward on the bike in a more aero dynamic position.
  • Only suited for road riding.

Choosing Road Bike

Road Bike Brands

There is a huge variety of road bike brands available on the market that manufacture bikes for beginners to professionals. Many of the high end road bike manufacturers specialise solely in road bike production. The list below lists popular road bike brands.

If you have any specific questions about Road bikes and the Road bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what makes Road racing and riding so much fun, please feel free to contact us.