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Bike Shoes Overview

Riding shoes come in three main styles, road shoes, mountain shoes and triathlon shoes. Each shoe is specifically designed not only for the riders comfort, but to obtain maximum potential out of your ride. Using the right shoe will prevent blisters, soreness and other unwanted occurrences.

Bike Shoes

Road Bike Shoes

Road shoes have cleats attached to the sole which locks into the pedals. These are generally stiff soled shoes with broad cleats to increase the efficiency of the pedaling stokes.

Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes have smaller cleats and also lock into the pedals. They are different in design by being more like a normal shoes because it is sometimes necessary to carry the bike over terrain which cannot be ridden and therefore need to be more flexible and like typical shoe. The cleats of mountain bike shoes are smaller as are the pedals.

Triathlon Bike Shoes

Triathlon shoes are similar to road shoes, stiff soles and broader cleats, the difference being that they are made for quick transitions, for when racing, this means that they can be slipped on and off quickly.

BMX Shoes

Generally, BMX shoes are casual shoes which have a flat wide flexible sole. They have great traction as BMX riding is commonly an outdoor sport therefore good traction is necessary due to wet conditions. However, there are other forms of BMX shoes such as the clip in which allow the rider to lock the shoe onto the pedal to increase pedalling efficiency.

Track Bike Shoes

Track shoes are almost identical to road shoes. They have Velcro closures to make the sure the shoe fits tight, restricting movement and preventing them from become loose. They have a stiff sole with broad cleats to increase the efficiency of the pedalling stokes.

Running & Fashion Shoes

Running/Fashion shoes are basically what the name suggests, but they can also be used on bikes without the clip in feature. These bikes include Mountain, BMX, Vintage, Touring and choppers to name a few. These shoes have the sole and comfort that is required to use whilst long or short distance riding.

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