By July 21, 2014

Vittoria Bicycle Accessories & Components Overview

Vittoria is an Italian bicycle tyre manufacturer that was first established in 1953. Vittoria is an extremely respected tyre company that has had some of the best riders in the world use their products. As the popularity increased, so did Vittoria and now they are considered one of the largest bicycle tyre manufactures in the world with factories in Europe, America and Asia. Vittoria distributes its products around the globe and they have a range of diverse tyres that suit all bicycles, terrains and conditions.

Vittoria Tyres

Vittoria products include:

  • Road Bike Tyres
  • MTB Tyres
  • Triathlon Bike Tyres
  • Cyclocross Bike Tyres
  • BMX Tyres
  • Urban/Hybrid Bike Tyres
  • Bike Tubes
  • Bike Tyre Repair Kits
  • Bike Tyre Maintenance Products

If you have any specific questions about Vittoria, the Vittoria range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Vittoria one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us.