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Zipp Bicycle Wheels & Components Overview

Zipp is an American company which was founded in 1988 and is based in Speedway, Indiana. Zipp’s main concern is the creation of high performance carbon composite cycling wheels for road racing and triathlons. In this pursuit Zipp has been extremely successful and is regarded as the leader in the high end wheel market. Also within the Zipp product range are bicycle accessories such as handle bars, time trail bars, triathlon bars, head stems, seat posts and cranks.

In November 2007 Zipp was acquired by bicycle component manufacture SRAM.

Zipp Wheels

Zipp wheel models:

  • 30 Clincher – 765g front wheel/ 890g rear. For high performance racing
  • 101 Clincher – 710g front wheel/ 820g rear. For climbing, triathlon, time trail and racing
  • 202 Tubular – 1140g front wheel/ 650g rear. Climbing, training, all round racing
  • 202 Firecrest® Carbon Clincher – 1,380g front wheel/ 765g rear. Climbing, training, all round racing
  • 303 Firecrest® Carbon Clincher – 685g front/ wheel 855g rear. Formidable wheel in Tour de France
  • 303 Firecrest® Tubular – 575 front wheel/735g rear. For all round racing
  • 303 Firecrest® Carbon Clincher Disc-brake – 780g front wheel/900g rear. ‘Control over chaos’
  • 303 Firecrest® Carbon Tubular Disc-brake – 660g front wheel/775g rear. ‘Control over chaos’
  • 60 Clincher – 850g front wheel/970g rear. For road racing, triathlon, gran fondos
  • 404 Firecrest® Carbon Clincher – 715g front wheel/875g rear. For triathlons, criteriums, Tours
  • 404 Firecrest® Tubular – 640g front wheel/ 805g rear. All-round performer
  • 404 650c Firecrest® Carbon Clincher – 675g front wheel/ 830g rear. For smaller athletes
  • 404 Firecrest® Track Tubular – 895g front wheel/ 1000g rear. For track
  • 808 Firecrest® Carbon Clincher – 815g front wheel/980g rear. Tri and road racing super performance
  • 808 Firecrest® Tubular – 735g front wheel/895g rear. For climbing, criterium, triathlon
  • 808 Firecrest® Track Tubular – 874g front wheel/1035g rear. For track
  • 900 Tubular Disc – 935g. Can be adapted to track
  • Sub-9 Disc Tubular – 998g. Production for this model ceased in June 2013.
  • Super-9 Disc Tubular – 995g
  • Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc – 1,175g

Zipp Handlebar Models:

Zipp Handlebar

  • Carbon – Vuka Sprint, SL Bar, SLC2 Bar, Contour SL Bar
  • Service Course SL – Service Course SL-70™, Service Course SL-70™ Ergo, Service Course SL-80™, Service Course SL-88™
  • Service Course – Service Course 70 Ergo, Service Course 80
  • Aero Bars – VukaStealth, VukaBull, Vuka Alumina, Vuka Alumina Clip, Vuka Extensions, Vuka Alumina Extensions, Vuka RC2

Zipp Stem Models:

Zipp Stem

  • Carbon – SL Sprint Stem
  • Service Course SL – Service Course SL Stem
  • Service Course – Service Course Stem

Zipp Seat Post Models

Zipp Seat Post

  • Carbon – SL Speed (0), SL Speed (20)
  • Service Course SL – Service Course SL Seat Post (0), Service Course SL Seat Post (20)
  • Service Course – Service Course Seat Post (0), Service Course Seat Post (20)

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