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2014 Tour de France Alere Pebble Challenge 

July 02, 2014
2014 Tour de France Alere Pebble Challenge

Not all of us ride 160 - 220km+ every day for three weeks in a row. In fact, hardly any of us do!

But when it comes to this time of year, plenty of us are glued to the great Tour de France.

So what better time to get pumped and motivated than July, when the world's best riders show us just how incredible the human body and mind can be?

Sure, back here in Australia it's dark and cold and wet and windy, but our friends at Alere have set a walking challenge to help keep us active, healthy and motivated over winter. Using the Tour de France as their source of inspiration, the Alere team has pulled together a daily challenge of steps to walk using the Alere Pebble.

You don't need to be an elite pro rider to get moving and motivated!

So what 'steps' do we need to take to get this going? Easy...

  • Check out this video to find out more about the Alere Pebble

  • Order your Alere Pebble

  • Use the challenge set below and see how you go - you'll be on your way to a yellow jersey in no time ;)

Alere Pebble Challenge Image 2