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A Boy Named Sue (VIC)

November 12, 2014
A Boy Named Sue (VIC)

Steve Simic and Dan Zeidan

87 Burns St, St Andrews (en route to Kinglake) VIC

Wed 4pm-late, Thurs/Fri 11am-late, Sat 7am-late, Sun 9am-late (although riders are welcome from 8am for coffee only)

Daddy’s Girl blend from Padre

Cyclists love:
Fresh baked raspberry + ricotta muffins in the morning, pizza and beer later on

$4 have-in, $4.50 for soy

Whether you’re familiar with the Johnny Cash song or not, if you’re a cyclist riding around the Kinglake area then chances are you are all over A Boy Named Sue.

Snuggled in the small township of St Andrews, this café is an institution for cyclists making the pilgrimage up to and around Kinglake. Whether it’s the middle of summer and riders are relaxing outside, or the chill of winter

and they’re huddled over open drum fires or tucked up inside; this place is pumping.

No wonder when the vibe is so cruisy, the food so fresh and delicious, and the coffee spot-on. Steve and Dan (who also own Lazer Pig in Collingwood) have created a quirky little culture that prides itself on doing everything just that little bit different.

The mud brick building with recycled timber throughout is a great canvas to the cosy, eclectic interior. Tunes play all day, be it classical music or electronic; whatever is picking up on the mood of the moment. There’s even a bit of Johnny Cash

every now and again, and DJs will often be in mixing over the weekends.


The guys are big lovers of the finer things of live, one of them being coffee, of course.

A Boy Named Sue Coffee

Their La Marzocco Linea 3-group machine doesn’t stop doing its thing all day, and Padre’s ‘Daddy’s Girl’ is the blend of choice here. With its malty, chocolatey taste it pours well for espressos and is a great mix with milk.

The all-day brunch is a big point-scorer for the cyclists. They can either come in for a cheeky muffin or fruit toast with their caffeine hit before they hit the hills, or they can finish up the bulk of their ride with a more substantial

stop for pizza and craft beer, of the sensational local St Ronans cider (the genius work of Troy Jones from Yarra Valley).

A Boy Named Sue On Tap

The weekly Saturday market means this part of St Andrews is buzzing pretty much all day (it’s a great atmosphere – think bush setting and country town charm), and no surprises it can get tough finding a seat during peak hour.

Not to worry – cyclists seem more than happy to grab a spot on the steps and enjoy a quick coffee before moving on.

Super quality cafes are a dime a dozen in Melbourne, for sure, but it’s great to know you can put in a long effort on the bike and be rewarded with something every bit as fantastic that little further out of town!

Fuel stop around the country at plenty of other bike-friendly cafes!

A Boy Named Sue Fire

Photography by Silvi Glattauer