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July 21, 2014
Azzurri Bikes

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Azzurri represents over 25 years of mastered skill through refining, engineering and testing. Azzurri is a showcase of premium handmade frames equipped with some of the best parts and components the world has to offer. The Azzurri team takes an integrated approach to R&D, production, distribution and technical support. Armed with extensive expertise in carbon & alloy construction and bonding, skilled craftsmen build our bicycles by hand, and the frames are painted in our own factory. With this combination of care and expertise, Azzurri is able to meet the rigorous demands of elite racers; and at the same time take the need of the masses into consideration by bringing down the cost of technology. Azzurri is a boutique company, you can rest assured that your bicycle will stand out in a crowd. And to add to this, Azzurri is so confident in the skill and craftsmanship we employ that each of our frames are covered under a lifetime warranty, giving you total peace of mind. You will find a wide range of bikes in our catalogue, many which have received rave reviews from major Australian Cycling magazines, catering to each and every level of riding.

Apollo Tri

2013 Azzurri Road Bikes:

Forza RL, Forza SL, Forza Elite, Forza Pro, Forza Di2, Uno Race, Mezzo 90 Sram Red, Mezzo 90 Di2.

2013 Azzurri Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

Chrono Pro TT, Sprint 2, Solo Team Pro TT, Solo Team RL TT.

2013 Azzurri Mountain Bikes:

Max MTB.

2012 Azzurri Road Bikes:

Azzurri Team Carbon Road Series: Mezzo Di2, Mezzo SL, Mezzo RL,Mezzo Pro. Performance Carbon Road Series: Forza SL, Forza RL, Forza Pro, Primo Pro, Forza Elite. Performance Alloy Road Series: Imperia Elite, Uno Race, Uno Comp, Uno Sport. Azzurri Triathlon/Time Trial Carbon Series: Chrono Pro, Chrono Elite. Sprint, Pista.

2012 Azzurri Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Azzurri Flat Bar Commuter Series: Roma Elite, Roma Race, Roma Sport, Roma 800, Roma 700.

2012 Azzurri Hybrid and 2012 Azzurri Classic Bikes:

Azzurri Hybrid Series: Azzurri Crossroad 900, Crossroad 800, Crossroad 700, Urban 800, Urban 300, Duchess.

2012 Azzurri Mountain Bikes:

Azzurri Mountain Bike Series: Shadow 800D, Shadow 800, Shadow 700.

If you have any specific questions about Azzurri bicycles, the Azzurri bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Azzurri Bicycles one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us directly.