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Meet Mt Fuji's Record Holder

August 06, 2014
Meet Mt Fuji's Record Holder

Benjamin Dyball relishes a climb. The Avanti Team Racing Aussie rider is the current record holder and winner of Japan’s Mount Fuji climb but also came fourth in the Individual Time Trial for both the 2014 Oceania Cycling Championships and the 2014 Australian National Championships.

My first ever bike was
A BMX that my Dad found at the garbage tip.

The best ride in the world is
Along any of the roads next to Lago Maggiore in northern Italy.

The ride I’d rather forget is
Any of the rides in the cold/wet.

When I’m not riding I’m usually

My most annoying habit is
Arriving late.

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The habit I find most annoying in others is
People eating with their mouth open.

If I could book a table for dinner anywhere tonight, it would be
A pizzeria in Varese Italy.

I wanted to grow up and become
A professional cyclist.

My teachers always said I was

If I could travel back in time, I’d go
Back to when dinosaurs were still alive.

I wish I could

Worst advice I was ever given
Riding in the snow will be fun.

Best holiday I’ve ever taken was
In France.

I never leave home without
A credit card.

If my life was a reality TV show, it would be called
The Chronicles of Ben.