BH Bikes

July 21, 2014
BH Bikes

BH –Think of Spanish Cycling and Think of BH

Spanish is of course one of the great pioneering cycling nations, and certainly BH (Beistegui Hermanos) lives and breathes that heritage.

More than 100 years ago in Spain’s Basque region, Domingo, Juan and Cosme Beistegu knew that road race cycling required more than skill and talent; a rider’s strength had to be matched by a bike that was agile and lightweight. That knowledge formed the foundation of a legacy that continues to this day, with BH committed to every step in a bike’s creative process – from engineering, designing, building and testing.

BH has a high performance line of bikes that are made to be light, stiff and ergonomic. This is a bike brand that is all about firsts – first manufacturer of the monocoque carbon frame (weighing less than 800g and thus creating a new category of bikes – the Ultralight Bicycle category), first use of an extended seat tube, and first win at Vuelta a Espagna (1935).

BH is fastidious about developing and testing new products that will help athletes step up to the podium. BH creates road bikes, time trial/ aero bikes for triathlons, ultralight bikes, mountain bikes and 29ers.

BH Tri Bike

The BH range of bikes extends to:

2014 BH Road Bikes:

G6 Dura-Ace 11S, G6 Dura-Ace 11S Di2, G6 Ultegra, G6 Ultegra Di2, Prisma 105, Quartz 105, Quartz CT 105(Ladies), Quartz CT Force (Ladies), Quartz Ultegra, Ultralight Dura-Ace 11S, Ultralight Dura-Ace 11S Di2, Ultralight RC Dura-Ace 11S Mix, Ultralight RC Ultegra, Ultralight RC Ultegra Di2, Ultralight Red.

2014 BH Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes:

AeroLight Dura-Ace, AeroLight Dura-Ace Di2, AeroLight RC 105, AeroLight Ultegra Ui2.

2014 BH 27.5" Mountain Bikes:

Expert 27.5 XT, Ultimate RC 27.5 XT, Ultimate RC 27.5 XT/SLX.

2014 BH 29er Bikes:

Ultimate 29er XT, Ultimate 29er XX1.

2014 BH 27.5" Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Lynx 4.8 Alloy 27.5, Lynx 6 27.5.

2014 BH 29er Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes:

Lynx 4.8 Carbon 29er.

2014 BH Cyclocross Bikes:

Team RX 105, Team RX Force.

2014 BH Electric & Power Assisted Bikes:

NEO 29er, NEO 650B, NEO Carbon, NEO City Lite, NEO Cross, NEO Extrem Lite, NEO Jet, NEO Jumper, NEO Prox Lite, NEO Race, NEO Street Lite, NEO Volt Lite, NEO Volt Sport Lite.

BH Road Bikes:

Ultralight, Ultralight RC, G6, Prisma, Zaphire, Cristal.

BH Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes:

Aero, GC Aero.

BH Mountain Bikes:

Ultimate, Zenith, Peak.

BH Cyclocross Bikes:

RX Team.