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December 01, 2014
BH E-Motion

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BH E-Motion Bikes Overview

Emotion Bikes (a.k.a. Easy Motion) is a branch of European bicycle manufacturer BH Bicycles. Emotion Bicycles designs and manufactures electric & power assisted bicycles that are designed and manufactured in Europe then distributed globally. E-Motion bikes have an environmentally friendly focus addressing the growing demand for E-bikes as an eco-friendly means of transport. BH Emotion Bikes are equipped with the latest pedal assist technology seamlessly powering each pedal stroke efficiently. BH's Emotion bikes are easy to use, maintenance free, environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable making them a great option no matter your age or skill. BH Emotion Bikes have an enormous range of electric bikes in a range of riding styles, the bikes are of a superb quality ensuring reliability and longevity.

"Until now, electric bicycles weren’t much more than a standard bicycle with a motor hooked up to the front or rear wheel. But the Emotion goes much further: its pedal-assist system give the user an immediate push with every stroke of the pedal, making it easier to move forward thanks to what is very possibly the first “assist” system to pass every test." - BH Emotion Website 2013

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2014 BH Easy Motion Bikes:

NEO 29er, NEO 650B, NEO Carbon, NEO City Lite, NEO Cross, NEO Extrem Lite, NEO Jet, NEO Jumper, NEO Prox Lite, NEO Race, NEO Street Lite, NEO Volt Lite, NEO Volt Sport Lite.

2013 BH Emotion Bikes:

Neo Street, Neo City, Neo Cross, Neo Xtrem, Neo Race, Neo 29er, Neo Jumper, Diamond Wave, Diamond, Urban Inner 700 Lux Wave, Urban Inner 700 Wave, Urban Inner 700, City 700 Wave, City 700, Urban 700 wave, Urban 700, Street, Xpress 650 Wave, Xpress 650, Smart, Volt, Carbon, Race, Sport, Sport Mix, Max 700 Mix, Max 700, Xenion 700, Cross 700, Offroad 650, Xenion 650.


Before purchasing an electric or power assisted bicycle be sure to check your state/country legislation regarding registration / licensing, motor size, age requirements and restrictions / regulations.