Tips on Bike Trailers

December 02, 2014
Tips on Bike Trailers

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There are several variations of bike trailers available and an extremely wide variety of types that differ from the next. There is only one common aspect of the different types of bike trailers, apart from being an accessory to bikes, they have the ability to carry things.

The most popular bike trailers are the child carrying trailers. These bike trailers simply attach to the rear of the bike and have a seat/s, two wheels and a protective screen for your child’s safety.

The other types of bike trailers, similar to the previously mentioned, are one’s that have the option to attach to the rear of the bicycle, but also are able to be pushed similar to a baby carriage. Instead of having two wheels, these trailers have three so they can balance without the support of a bike.

The final popular types of bike trailers are the trailers that carry objects other than people. There are small bike trailers that attach to the rear of the bike and carry objects such as spare parts or baggage for distance riding. The other type of bike trailer is larger and attaches to the rear of a car. These bike trailers carry your bikes and accessories and are predominantly used for when you are going on a trip and wish to take your bike.


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