Bike Tyres

December 02, 2014
Bike Tyres

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Bike Tyres Overview

Bike tyres vary significantly in size, width and tread. The thinner tyres suit road bikes, due to the great traction they have on roads and tight corners. The thicker tyres are generally for Mountain and BMX biking as they provide width for diverts and rough edges for dirt terrains.

Tubular Tyres

With the benefits of being lightweight, firm and difficult to puncture, these tyres are generally used by those who take their road riding seriously or during racing. The downside to this type of tyre is that because they are stitched to the inner tubing and joined to the rim with adhesive, if punctured they are by no means simple to change or repair, which could result in the loss of valuable time in a race situation.

Clincher Tyres

The tube in a clincher tyre actually lies in between the rim and the tyre thread due to a Kevlar bead or wire which locks to the rim. Quite the opposite to tubular tyres, they are perfect for those who want to efficiently access the tube for repair of punctures.

Road Tyres

Most road bikes run with 700x23 tyres. These are narrow and generally slick to allow minimum resistance over the road service. Singles or tubular tyres are also popular with hardcore road racers. These are specially made tyres which are a tyre and a tube in one. Only a special kind of wheel can use a “single”, these are tubular wheels which do not have rims, instead the tyre is attached with adhesive. These tyres save weight and hold very high pressures (160psi).

Road tyre1

Mountain Bike Tyres

Mountain bike tyres are generally a 26” tyre and range in width from 1.25” up to 2.75”. Tread varies on mountain bike tyres from slick to knobby. Slick tyres are for use on smooth surfaces, mainly urban areas, and knobby tyres are used for off road surfaces giving the rider increased traction.

Mountain Tyre1

BMX Tyres

BMX tyres are generally 20” and 1.90” to 2.25” in width. The traction required from BMX tyres varies depending on the style of BMX riding. A smooth slick tyre is best used for urban or park BMX riding whilst a ridged knobby tyre is better suited for off-road or dirt BMX riding.

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If you have any specific questions about bike tyres, or would simply like to hear more about the importance of bike tyres, please feel free to contact us.