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November 05, 2015

Join our panel of industry experts as they answer your cycling questions to help make your ride a little bit smoother.

The BikeExchange Bike Panel

So who's in this series' panel?

Brand Manager for Shimano Cycling Australia, Toby Shingleton

Pro rider from Specialized Securitor Women's Team, Verita Stewart

Owner of 'The Angry Butcher', Bruce Howard

Rapid Fire Questions

This segment is the 'rapid fire' finish to our first episode of Bike Panel. Our industry experts answer popular questions sent into BikeExchange by you, the riders.

Can World Champion Peter Sagan pull off white kit?


"So Pro"


A unanimous decision from our expert panel. Perhaps surprisingly everyone was okay with the current UCI Road World Champion Peter Sagan wearing a full white kit. He can do no wrong!

When do you need to wear gloves?

"I never wear gloves"

Aside from the Mountain Bikers, it appears as though gloves are out. The only times Bike Panel members Toby and Verita wear gloves is if the temperature is so low it may lead to frostbite, or if you are racing.

Mountain biking on the other hand... Our three experts all agree, "If you are mountain biking, always wear gloves"

Is a power meter right for you?

Power meters are a great training tool and according to Toby, "There are few reasons you wouldn't buy one. If you can afford it, get one"

Verita structures her training around feedback generated from her power meter. "Training to power" allows Verita to work within specific zones, producing greater results in a shorter period of time.

Aero Helmets vs. Regular Helmets

"Aero all the way! I'm in love with aero helmets" It's a pretty clear-cut decision for Verita, racing and commuting with an aerodynamic helmet.

Toby agrees with the aerodynamic approach, but suggests adopting a lower position on the bike is more important than the aerodynamic profile of your helmet.

Bruce is a traditionalist and favours the non-aerodynamic helmet. Eight "no's" from 'The Angry Butcher' left us in no doubt which helmet option Bruce would choose.

Traditional 53/39 chainring setup vs. Compact 50/34 chainring set up?

"In between."

The latest trend has manufacturers opting for a Pro or Mid Compact set up, comprising of a 52 tooth large chain ring and a 36 tooth small chainring. The Pro or Mid Compact set up provides the best of both worlds. Paired with an 11-28 rear cassette, the latest set up of choice can cater for flat roads and mountain ranges.

"Next year all the bikes will be 52/36"

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