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A Message to our BikeExchange Community

March 18, 2020
A Message to our BikeExchange Community

Information current as of March 24th, 2020

To BikeExchange's valued customers,

We are all watching the development of Coronavirus, as steps and measures are communicated on a daily basis.

As we are sure you will all agree, our first concern is to ensure the health and safety of everyone is prioritised.

BikeExchange is upholding our responsibilities to help prevent the spread of the virus by adhering to the advice from the Government and Health Authorities, regarding best practices within our teams, working from home, conducting meetings (over video calls) and everyday movements.

We also wanted to share with you what we are doing as a business and how we are supporting the cycling community, currently.

We are seeing unprecedented changes and adjustments across different areas of society including some of the world's favourite sporting events and gatherings being cancelled. We realise the situation with Coronavirus has an impact on many areas of day-to-day life - whether that be with families, running businesses or simply how we work / getting to and from work.

BikeExchange does not envisage any disruption in our services to you as consumers and our members, whether the BikeExchange team will be working from home or otherwise.

BikeExchange is committed to review activity and respond as necessary. Importantly this means supporting and connecting with your favourite stores and bike brands through our site and services, ensuring as much continuity and stability as possible. Through this evolving situation, we remain committed to helping people find their next cycling purchase through the local retailers and brands on our sites.

BikeExchange has always believed in the importance and transformative effects of bicycles. People rely on bikes as a mode of transport, exercise and improving mental health. In times such as these it's nice to find solace in the simple things, like riding a bike.

If you have any questions please reach out to your relevant customer teams;

Australia - Contact us

United States - Contact us

Germany - Contact us

Belgium - Contact us

Netherlands - Contact us

Colombia - Contact us

Canada - Contact us

We look forward to continuing to help you with all your cycling needs.

In the meantime let us ensure we all look after one another.

Mark Watkin. Global CEO


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