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February 03, 2015
BMX Bikes

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BMX Bike Overview

BMX bikes are built for fun. BMX bicycles are strong bikes designed for jumps and stunts. BMX riding has evolved into three separate disciplines, Racing BMX, Jump BMX and Freestyle BMX. BMX racing is fast action around purposely built tracks full of jumps and other obstacles. Jump BMX is all about doing the biggest mid air tricks. Freestyle BMX is about stunt and trick riding. BMXs are a common choice of bike for children as they are the strongest and hardest to break of all bike types.

  • Am I planning to race my BMX?
  • Do I want a lightweight bicycle?
  • Am I going to be riding my BMX bike on dirt tracks or roads?
  • Do I want to do jumps and tricks with my BMX?

BMX bikes are built for trick and stunt riding. They are strong bikes with one gear, have good brakes and extra features to aid tricks. There are a few different types of BMX bikes to choose from, a brief summary of these was provided above but let’s have a look in more detail at the three categories of BMX bikes;

Race BMX Bike

This bike is the lightest of the BMX bikes, if you want to go fast then this is the one for you. This bicycle will allow you to speed around those dirt tracks and also ride on normal roads. There are no frills with this bike, what you see is what you get, the race BMX bike is the one that most people will buy.

  • Lightest of the BMX bikes.
  • Knobby tyres.
  • No frills.
  • Built for speed around dirt covered tracks.

BMX Race

Dirt (Jump) BMX Bike

Where the race bike was the lightest the jump BMX is the heaviest. This BMX bicycle is well put together and it needs to be for those big jumps. The frames and wheels of these BMX bikes are extremely strong and will be able to handle the roughest of riders.

Even if you do not plan on doing lots of jumps but instead want to ride down the beaten track, then this is the BMX for you. A lot of young ones buy this bicycle; they are a lot of fun.

  • Heaviest of the BMX bike.
  • Knobby tyres.
  • Built with extremely strong frames and wheels.
  • Designed to do big jumps.

Felt Dirt bmx

Park/Street BMX Bike

Very flashy and can be a very expensive bicycle. These BMX bikes are purchased mainly for the sole purpose of performing tricks and stunts. Unlike the other BMX bikes which have knobby tyres, the freestyle BMX bike has smooth tyres which make it suitable for road riding. There are many different sorts of accessories which can be purchased for the freestyle BMX bike that allows the rider to do all sorts of good looking stunts and tricks. If you are serious about taking your BMX bike to the max, then this bicycle is for you.

  • Purely ridden to perform tricks and stunts.
  • Smooth tyres (suited to road riding).
  • Ideal for serious off road and down hill riding.
  • Include accessories such as a GYRO (enables the handlebars to swing 360° without tangling in the brake cables) and stunt pegs (allow the rider to move around the bike) to assist stunts.

WTP park Bmx

BMX Bike Brands:

There is a wide range of BMX brands available, most brands choose to specialise solely in BMX bike manufacturing that allows them to design and produce top tier BMX bikes. Bellow is a list of popular BMX bike brands: