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Fancy Riding One Million Kilometres? 

August 04, 2014
Fancy Riding One Million Kilometres?

One-million kilometres of riding.

No – it’s not the Tour de France going into over-drive, it’s Bicycle Queensland’s mega goal to see 10,000 bike riders roll up to the start-line of 2014 Santos GLNG Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge.

That makes it a lot more achievable – just 100km per cyclist – which sounds like a top day in the saddle.

The much-loved event will this year be celebrating its tenth anniversary, so all participants get kitted out in a swish-o commemorative jersey.

Brisbane to Goldcoast Jersey

But this ten-year old is delivering some new surprises, including:

  • Exclusive chance to ride uninterrupted along 17km of the extended South East Busway
  • A 40km Brisbane-to-Logan option for those who want to experience the South East Busway, but don’t feel like riding 100km for the opportunity!
  • A specific category for women (anyone entering this category gets a pink bike bib in their rider ID kit and can start with other ‘pink riders’ all together. This is a great option for female cyclists just finding their (riding) feet, and who like the idea of cycling with other women.

Brisbane to Goldcoast

The route profile is largely flat, making it great for novices who are pushing themselves to hit the century kilometre mark for the first time. And for more experienced cyclists – it simply means a pretty cruisy and fun day in the saddle!

It will pass through the stunning cane fields behind Yatala, as well as strawberry farms, gentle undulation, and of course sparkling waterfronts and parklands. Beautiful!

Not only will it be a terrific ride, as the state’s largest cycling event, organisers hope it will send a clear message to the Government and community about the growing popularity of riding. And the more people who are aware of and accepting of cyclists, the better!


The Santos GLNG Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge


Sunday 19th October


Youth early bird entry - $80, or $90 for standard
Adult early bird entry - $110, or $130 standard
Team entry starts at $70 per cyclist.

More Info Here!

Brisbane to Goldcoast 3