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Buyer's Guide to Home Bicycle Storage

June 13, 2019
Buyer's Guide to Home Bicycle Storage

Home bike storage and display stands are great for protecting your bike from the potential damage that can occur when knocking your bike over, or leaning it up against a wall. It also keeps the bike out of the way of your living space, much to the relief of your co-inhabitants.

Things to take into account before buying bike storage is where you can set it up, how many bikes you need to fit and also ease of assembly. It is a good idea to consider a few different spaces in your house or garage, take some measurements, and research which solution will best suit your living arrangements.

So regardless of whether you're renting a house with no permanent fixtures available, or are a home-owner, read on for all you need to know about making bike space a part of the house.

Wall Mounted


Wall mounted solutions, be they permanent or temporary, are often the most compact option if additional space is hard to find. Available from most bike shops and even some hardware stores, the following options give you the most choice with regards to height, location and aesthetic.

Vertical Hanging Hook


The most basic variations consist of a storage hook that threads into a masonry wall plug, wall stud or screw directly into a wooden wall post or ceiling beam.

These hooks are typically abundant in your hardware store, however for a bike specific option, Park Tool offers arguably the best range in terms of size and fixtures. The more extensive, deeper hooks are suited to mountain bike tyres or bikes fitted with deep-dish aero rims, are covered with vinyl to protect the edges and include either machined or wooden thread options.

It may take a little home-reno inspiration to measure and affix a wooden beam somewhere bikes can be stored, so if you're going DIY be sure to leave enough space between the hooks to account for handlebars lengths and hanging and removing bike with ease.

Vertical Wall-Mounted Hook


A more stable option requiring a wall with free space, Vertical hooks with a backing plate such as the PRO Bike Rack ensure your bike is securely out of the way while ensuring that won't swing and scuff up your walls.

The SteadyRack is a slightly more elaborate hook but with good reason. This hook is fixed against the wall, but also allows the bike to swivel 180 degrees, which is incredibly helpful when trying to remove a bike from a fleet of many, or when depth in the room is an issue. This rack also comes with a simple, yet useful rear wheel guard which stops the tyre from banging or rubbing against the wall.


Finally, this option proves superior because it doesn't require lifting the bike onto the rack as such, but features a 'roll-on' system that makes it easier to place the wheel on the holder simply. This success of this feature is contingent correct installation height, which is detailed in the instruction manual included.

Much like the PRO folding bike hook, the SteadyRack can be folded flat against the wall when not in use. Its unique design allows you to swing the bike nearly 180 degrees to get access to others or have the bike sit tightly against the wall.

Horizontal Wall-Mounted Hook


This method is an excellent way to show off your bike and will work better where the width of a space is an issue - such as in a hallway or smaller room. These racks typically hold the top tube and sit more flush against the wall.

Basic options include foldable hangers that bolt to the wall to hold the top tube with silicone covered hooks.


Brands such as Feedback Sports offer models such as the Velo Wall Rack 2D with adjustable hooks to fit a variety of frame shapes, ideal if you have a dual-suspension mountain where the shock position can make it tricky. The pivoting arms mean you can choose where the point of contact will be to keep your bike most stable, adjusting in two dimensions.

Standing Storage Racks


Renting a home is commonplace, but can prove a challenge for the housemate with all the bikes. If you want that return bond, drilling into the walls or scuffing everything with tyre marks and grease isn't going to go down well. Neither is your housemates near impaling themselves on your many handlebars obstructing the hallway.

Luckily, there are some nifty solutions in the form of storage racks that are ideally suited to a rental property or in the case that you are regularly rearranging and want to shift the rack around.

Wall to Floor Holders


Possibly the most common and for a good reason, these can be assembled quickly and fit anywhere where there is a floor and a wall (we hope your place of living has these two things at least). These work but clamping between the floor and the ceiling and typically fit up to two bikes. The rack will hold the top tube and can be height adjusted.

Free Standing Racks


Also knows as 'bike trees', free-standing or gravity racks are another excellent option for a rental property, however, can be invasive if space is limited. These require a sturdy base that can take up precious square meterage. The hooks hold the top tube much like the aforementioned wall-to-floor rack, and depending on the model, may or may not have adjustability in height or position.

Ground Storage


Got space, but not the permanency? Floor racks will simply keep your bikes upright and stable without having to lean them up against anything; however, require a bit more space to arrange them in respectable order.

A favourite for us here, and bike shops around the country once again comes from PRO, in the form of it's wheel stand which holds the rear axle on one side. Make sure you take into account wheel size, disc brake calliper location and axle width before buying, some of the newer standards don't always work.


Another design is a small, portable stand that holds the rear wheel and has a spring mechanism that sets the wheel in place. Look for different widths to suit different tyre sizes, as a tyre that is too wide for the stand will be incredibly unstable.

Both Topeak and Feedback offer variations of this stand that are just as useful keeping bike propped up races, events or to take that killer shot for the gram

Hoist System


An idea initially designed to store kayaks, a hoist will work well in a high-ceiling garage and keep the bike high and dry and out of the way. The benefit of a hoist system is that you can store your bike up high without having to lift it, the downside is they can be finicky to install and require a permanent fixture.

If you do not need to access your bike every day but need it stored out of the way of daily activities, then a hoist system could be the option for you.

Bike Locker


Easy to assemble and designed specifically with the cyclist in mind, a bike locker is a fantastic storage solution for when storing bikes in your house isn't viable due to space, or there's disagreement in the family over bicycles place inside the home. Available in a vertical, horizontal and also diagonally shaped options, you'll likely be surprised at how easy it is to find a place, inside or outside the home that caters for a bike locker.

Features to look for include; a multipoint locking system (three or more) to ensure your ride is safe from thieving hands, weatherproof design for external applications, the ability to store multiple bikes comfortably if required and hooks on the interior to hang things like helmets shoes and other cycling paraphernalia. Given the larger size of a bike locker, or if you're not too handy on the tools, it's also helpful to look for options that offer in-home set-up included within the purchase price.

While these options typically attract a high starting price (over $1000AUD in some instances), if you, like many of us, have a special connection with your pride and joy than investing in a safe place for your ride will be worth it in the long run.

Boutique Options


More likely to be found gracing the pages of an interior decorating magazine, a quick search of the internet unveils a host of smaller startup companies popping up with creative and innovative bike storage solutions. It might take a bit of research to find availability; however, if form and function are your style, then this option is likely the one for you. Available in everything from bespoke bicycle cupboards to bento box looking creations, a boutique option is the perfect way to both store, and show off your pride and joy inside the home.

See, cohabitation with your bike and your loved ones is possible! You can shop a wide range of bike storage solutions right here on BikeExchange!