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Australia's Hottest Bike Shops - Cecil Walker

May 14, 2015
Australia's Hottest Bike Shops - Cecil Walker

Cecil Walker opened his Melbourne store in 1938, and 77 years later it is still running strong.

The store is now run by Anthony Cramer who has the closest of personal ties to the Cecil Walker legacy; his father Maurice Cramer, opened the shop along with Cecil. Maurice was a young and enthusiastic 14 year old when the shop first began trading, and his love for cycling and the store never wavered.


Anthony’s mother also worked there for most of her life, and up until the age of 87 still helped out. This strong family connection gives a sense of pride and commitment that you will not easily find elsewhere. As a result the customer care and knowledge is second-to-none.

The store's rich history now covers the walls after a recent shop fit-out. The decorative display tells the stories of Cecil Walker and his cycling history. Cecil’s wife would keep newspaper clippings of her husband’s achievements, and to this day they are still an integral part of the store.


This loyal and passionate culture has filtered down to the staff who share the Cramer family’s love of cycling. They call the store their own. Josh, one of two mechanics, has been involved since the age of 14!

Another employee Stewart, has worked for the store for eight years, moving down from Sydney to be a part of the Cecil Walker experience. They have also won Victorian Bike Shop of the year six times, which speaks volumes for their friendly and dedicated customer service.

Cecil Walker have always stocked brands that sell themselves given the quality and performance. Prices in store are as competitive as possible to online, but their service and experience is something money can’t buy.


They would much rather see people in the shop and give them the attention they deserve to ensure they leave happy and keep coming back.

Cecil Walker cater for every rider’s needs, from commuters to mountain bikers to serious road cyclists, so stop by and say hello to the guys and immerse yourself in the stores incredible history.

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