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December 01, 2014
Cell Bikes

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Cell Bikes Overview

Cell bikes are an online Australian owned and operated bike brand that designs its entire bike range in-house. Operating from Sydney, Cell Bikes aim is to give consumers the best product possible at a reasonable price. Cell bikes philosophy is based upon building and manufacturing their own bike frames and then apply the best components to complete the bike. This enables all bike riders the chance to own top quality bikes instead of just the people who can afford it.

Cell Road 2014

2014 Cell Road Bikes:

Otway 1.0, Lapa 1.0, Lapa 2.0, Akuna 1.0, Omeo 1.0, Omeo 2.0

2014 Cell 29er Bikes:

Stromlo 1.0, Stromlo 2.0

2014 Cell Flat Bar Road Bikes:

City Slicker, SS200, SS300

2014 Cell Hybrid Bikes:

Trail Blazer, X1, X2.

2014 Cell Urban Bikes:

Urban Chill 7

2014 Cell Classic Bikes:

Cixte 3-spd, Syren

2014 Cell Kids Bikes:

Cadet 650c

2013 Cell Road Bikes:

Victor Full Carbon Shimano Ultegra, Team Shimano 105, Swift Shimano TIAGRA, S2200SE, Cyclone Full Carbon Shimano 105, Blade Shimano SORA, Apache.

2013 Cell Mountain Bikes:


2013 Cell 29er Bikes:


2013 Cell Flat Bar Road Bikes:

City Slicker, SS200 Flat Bar Road, X-1.

2013 Cell Hybrid Bikes:

Phantom Carbon, SS300, Trail Blazer, X2.

2013 Cell Urban Bikes:

X-2 City Bike.

2013 Cell Classic Bikes:

Cixte Retro Style Nexus 3-spd, Syren Retro Vintage Style Ladies Bike.

2013 Cell Folding Portable Bikes:

Side Walk Folding City Bike.

2013 Cell Kids Bikes:

Cadet 650c Shimano SORA.

2012 Cell Road Bikes:

Blade, Carbon Ace M, CELL S2200 special edition, Cyclone Compact, SWIFT, Team, Victor.

2012 Cell Triathlon / Time Trial Bikes:


2012 Cell Mountain Bikes


2012 Cell 29er Bikes:


2012 Cell Flat Bar Road Bikes:

Trail Blazer, X-1.

If you have any specific questions about Cell bicycles, the Cell bike range, or would simply like to hear more about what has made Cell Bicycles one of the worlds most popular brands in bicycles, please feel free to contact us directly