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Cell Omeo 1.0-Spinning Out The Door 

June 24, 2014
Cell Omeo 1.0-Spinning Out The Door

Can you name a bike that works as well for the road racer as it does the novice rider?

Paul from Cell Bikes can – it’s the Cell Omeo 1 and as he admits, they almost can’t keep up with demand.

Couples looking to buy bikes and ride together, B-graders in search of their next wheels to take to Crits; the Cell Omeo 1 is attracting plenty of attention across a broad range of riders.

A cyclist for some 24 years Paul’s got one, and can understand the fever. In his words – you’re not going to be able to build a bike of this quality at this price. So (aside from the left-over ker-ching in your pocket when you buy one) just why is the Cell Omeo 1 causing this much ruckus?

Designed in Australia by an Aussie engineer and cycling enthusiast could well have something to do with it. The name alone, a nod to Victoria’s high country town, suggests this bike is built for Aussie terrain. Cell’s Design Engineer, Dave Musgrove, is the man responsible for the Omeo 1. His work is based on factory research as well as feedback from riders, and his own personal cycling experience. The result – a bike that is anything but generic. This is not an off-the-shelf manufacture that’s simply given a tailored spray paint (although that said, we’re a big fan of the black-all-over finish this bike gets).

The full carbon frame helps keep things light – the Omeo 1 weighs in at just 7.5kg – but it’s tight at the rear, so as a rider you’re sitting under the back wheel a lot more than you would with other bikes. This gives a great level of control – particularly handy for those Victorian high country descents. What about climbing up them? Well, as Paul says, it goes uphill as fast and as strong as your legs happen to feel on the day. Good call, Paul. And as far as distance goes, this bike will carry you as comfortably over 30km as it will over 130km – it’s just that much of a happy all-rounder.

The frame is a traditional style road design, but the Cell team can set it up for a novice, or turn it into an aggressive beast that’s roaring to race in B-level crits. That’s quite a sweep of the cycling population. In fact, Cell will be sponsoring a team in next season’s VRS, something the business is looking forward to rolling out.

What else? Carbon seat post, stem and handlebars, Fi’zi:k saddle, Mavic rims, sizes from small to extra-large.

As Paul says, if he’d had this bike when he was 14 instead of his old steel Apollo well… the things he would have done! Maybe you can do them instead…

Congratulations to Cell Bikes and the recent launch of Physio Health Cell Bike cycling team. Through this team, six U23 cyclists now have an opportunity to pursue their academic and cycling ambitions. We think it's terrific that businesses like Cell are behind such quality initiatives and we wish the riders all the best as they work to grow into what has every prospect of being a competitive NRS team. And guess what bike they'll each be riding...? Yes - amongst other things they've scored themselves a Cell Omeo 1.0. Nice work!

Check out Cell Omeo on BikeExchange.

Cell Omeo 1