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Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

November 15, 2021
Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

Experiencing the joy on your little one's face as they excitedly unwrap their gifts this festive season is an unparalleled experience for many. Make this year a gifting season to remember with our curated selection of gifts for kids below!

We've scoured our leading independent retailers and compiled a list of what we think are the best cycling related gift ideas for bike mad kids this festive season.

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A New Helmet


Part and parcel of owning a bike is ensuring you're protected while riding it. Updating your child's helmet is a sure way to not only make sure of their safety in the saddle but it's sure to motivate them to get outdoors on two wheels and explore to their heart's content.

At BikeExchange, we have a wide range of styles, patterns and sizes specific to children. With a wide range of funky designs on offer, you're sure to find a lid to suit your child's personality. Measure the diameter of their head and then match it to a helmet they'll love. It also pays to look for added protective features such as MIPS, which provides additional protection against concussion in the event of a nasty spill!

Bike Bell


Ding-Ding! Teach children correct bike path etiquette with a new bell. Along with adding a bit of bling to the handlebars, a bell allows children to announce their presence on the bike path to other users and are (far) more tolerable for parents than a loud horn or similar.

Being an accessory, you're sure to find a bell to suit all genders, ages and colour preferences. Look for a bell that offers a fun design, is easy to fit, easy to use, and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that only adventurous children are capable of.

Hydration Pack/Water Bottle


As the days get longer and warmer, the desire for kids to spend more and more time on the bike is sure to increase, and keeping hydrated is vital. Often kids (and let's face it, us adults too!) forget to do this!

Set them straight and instil a sense of adventure by getting them a hydration pack. Not only can your kids pack snacks and spares, but they're sure to enjoy the novelty of having water on tap as long as they keep it filled up! There are several great children-specific options on the market, with CamelBak as the leader.

Think a hydration pack may be a little bit of overkill? A good quality water bottle and carrying cage is a great alternative and should mean no one goes out under-hydrated. A children's specific bidon will feature unique, fun designs sure to suit every child's personality. Look for a bidon with a spill-proof cap to ensure maximum liquid retention as well as a bottle that's BPA and BPS free to keep their drink of choice as fresh as can be!

When it comes to carrying the bottle, find a holder that will fit your child's bike. If they're using a 20 or 24in wheeled bike, then a "side access" cage should allow for a bottle to be carried within the frame. Otherwise, look for options that mount to the handlebar.

Balance Bike


Whether your little one of giftee is just getting started on their two-wheeled adventure or simply looking to develop some balance and motor skills, a balance bike is an excellent choice for younger kids. Ideal as a first bike, a balance bike helps kids transition to a pedal bike without the need for training wheels by teaching them control and, you guessed it balance!

Ideal for kids aged 2 to 6, when looking for a balance bike, it’s important to understand that a child needs to fit a balance bike right now and is not something they should “grow into”. With that in mind, both 12” and 14” balance bike options are available, with the larger size being more suitable for either taller kids or kids getting into riding a little later in their life journey.

Our pick for this festive season is the Strider Sport 12” balance bike. Priced at AU$199, the Strider Sport is a lightweight, durable and excellent value balance bike option. When paired with the optional rocking base, this is one ride that is suitable for kids aged from just six months through to five years of age!

Knee and Elbow Pads


Keep your adventurous tike safe on the bike with a set of knee and elbow pads. Designed to protect against knocks, falls and scrapes, a decent set of protective pads will have your little one picking themselves up after a fall, dusting themselves off and staying safe. Appropriate options include a hard plastic exterior on the elbows, flexibility at the knee for more effortless pedalling and a soft padded lining for additional protection. Additionally, it pays to take note of the sizing, as pads often aren't a one size fits all option. Thankfully, most brands will specify an age or size range for their pads.



A sturdy bike lock allows kids the freedom of taking their bike on adventures down to the shops, to friends’ places or to school.

A suitable kids bike lock should be easy to fit in a backpack or mounted to the frame of a bike when not in use. Many kids focussed locks will come in a variety of colours and have a couple of sets of spare keys for mum and dad to hold onto in the event of lost keys. Look for silicon outers or similar to avoid damaging the paintwork on your child's pride and joy, and the inners constructed of braided steel cable to deter potential thieves.

A New Bike


A new bikes is a fantastic way to teach kids coordination, give them the freedom to explore, and get out and be active. Your kids are sure to love the confidence-inspiring ride a bike provides.

From toddlers to teenagers, regardless of their age, or ability level, you're sure to find a wide range of bike options available to suit every need and budget. For a more in-depth look at buying a kids bike, including tips on finding the right size, what to look for and what to expect for your money, check out our Ultimate Kids Bike Buyers Guide



Kids be seen! Lights are a fun way to start good safety habits on the bike and make for a cool addition to the handlebars.

Not only will a decent light add the extra visibility needed when riding in low light conditions, but the majority of kids specific lights will also come in a variety of colours and designs too!

Silicone straps make fitting and switching a bike between different bikes a breeze. However, a more basic plastic clamp may provide a more robust option. Most lights will feature several modes, including steady beams for seeing where they're headed and flashing for being seen.

A Scooter


Looking for an affordable alternative to a kid's bike? A scooter is a great option! Sure to entertain, scooters are perfect for exploring local paths and trails or having fun at the local skate park.

Generally, scooters will have two wheels; however, three-wheeled options are popular for younger kids with less advanced balance skills. Both two, and three-wheeled options will typically feature a brake mechanism attached to the rear wheel, which is applied by placing the back foot on it. Kids scooters are powered through the motion of kicking along the riding surface with either leg.

We hope this gift guide has helped steer you in the right direction when it comes to researching gifts for young riders. Want even more choice? Check out the wide range of kids bike accessories for sale on BikeExchange available from leading retailers across the country

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