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Christmas Gift Guide for Road Cyclists

December 05, 2019
Christmas Gift Guide for Road Cyclists

Trying to find that special something for your cycling mad significant other, family members or riding mates this festive season? While it may seem they have every two-wheeled accessory possible, fear not, there are plenty of ride essentials that are sure to win their happiness.

With that in mind, we've scoured BikeExchange and hand-picked the following gift ideas that are sure to be well received by any discerning cycling enthusiast. After all, a gift that appeals to ones two-wheeled passion is hard to get wrong!

Cycling Computer


Does a ride exist if it is not recorded? Most cyclists nowadays get giddy over their ride statistics. So be it speed and distance, GPS route or average heart rate - the current crop of affordable cycling computers on the market will have all their ride tracking needs covered.

Multi-device compatibility is a non-negotiable in the current age of cycling computers. With leading brands such as Garmin and Wahoo offering up Wifi, ANT+ and Bluetooth connections, as well as the ability to immediately upload ride data to third-party apps such as TrainingPeaks and Strava, the cyclist in your life will surely appreciate the convenience.

So regardless of whether you know a rider living in blissful ignorance of the time they spend on the bike or someone in serious need of an upgrade, they're sure to appreciate a modern cycling computer.

Ride Wallet


A case or ride wallet that keeps your smartphone, cash and personal details safe and dry is one of the most versatile accessories a rider can own.

Available to fit most modern smartphones, a functional phone wallet such as the Zilfer Active Wallet will be incredibly secure, stylish, weather-resistant and practical. Look for options with adequate space inside to hold ride essentials such as house keys, I.D, phone, credit cards and any cash needed for the essential mid-ride caffeine hit.

A New Kit

There is be no better feeling than sliding into a brand new cycling kit. Especially if it's an offering from our sister site The Cycling Emporium. Cycling Emporium has an extensive range of apparel and tools, and accessories all ready for you to browse, research and purchase. Put simply, when you explore the Cycling Emporium, you are shopping the best, curated cycling brands and products from around the world.

Boasting clothing and accessories from leading independent brands such as Pedla, MAAP, Attaquer, Black Sheep and more, you're sure to find a sleek kit to spoil even the most discerning roady this festive season. Hit the link below to check out what's on offer and make your giftee the envy of their local bunch ride this summer.

Cycling Cap


Cycling caps are a versatile piece of kit that deserve a place in any cyclist's wardrobe!

If you're after something that little bit special, Apis has been producing cycling caps for cycling teams around the world for over 60 years! As well as modern pro teams, the Italian outfit provides retro options for those looking for something a little left of centre. Made in Italy, Apis caps are a unique gift that will feel right at home on the accessories wall or on the head while sipping a pre, post or mid-ride espresso.

Drivetrain Cleaning Kit


A dirty, dry or dusty drivetrain causes poor shifting and unnecessary wear to expensive parts. Cut their bike some slack and give the gift of a slick-shifting drivetrain this festive season with a cleaning kit.

Specially designed for ease of use and precision on a bicycle, a drivetrain cleaning kit such as those offered by Muc-Off targets the chain and keeps hands and surrounds relatively grease-free. The included scrubbing brushes get to the hard to reach parts of the cassette, cogs, and derailleur and is best aided by a bicycle-specific degreaser.

Saddle Bag


Carrying spares is a no-brainer, but finding a neat, low key way to store them can prove to be a challenge. Get those ride spares out of the pockets and into a stylish saddle bag.

Available in sizes ranging from sleek and minimalistic, to voluminous and bikepacking friendly, you're sure to find a saddlebag to suit your giftee's needs. Equipping a saddlebag full of spares can be the difference between getting back on the bike and completing a ride or an expensive Uber home, so this is one gift that is sure to be used to great effect.

For bonus gift-giving points, pack your gifted saddle bag with the appropriate tubes and tools so the lucky recipient can fit it straight to their bike and hit the road!

A Bike Lock


Theft can occur in the blink of an eye. Having a competent lock to secure your bicycle will make it much more difficult for opportunistic thieves to snatch your ride while you stir the sugar in your latte. A cable bike lock that easily fits in a jersey or a back pocket will come in handy when the need arises to take eyes off the bike for a brief moment. The Abus option pictured above has a sleek, smartphone-like size and shape, and provides the additional security and peace of mind every cyclists wants when parked up mid-ride

For more on keeping your ride safe from thieving hands, check out our top tips on theft proofing your bike.



There are several factors that contribute to your overall comfort on the bike, such as your position, kit and contact points. Often overlooked, the socks on your feet can play just as important a role in your comfort as the chamois in your bibs.

With advances in sports apparel technology trickling down, socks have evolved dramatically from the humble item we once used to cover our feet simply. Different from your business socks, cycling socks are loaded with tech. If the comfort and performance benefits weren't enough, they're a great way to add a touch of style to any rider's cycling kit.

The right cycling sock should breathable, moisture-wicking and be thin enough to fit in snug fitting cycling shoes. Available in a range of different heights, colours, designs and styles, there's sure to be a sock to suit every style. Whether it be understated, matchy-matchy, or the focal point of a cycling kit.

Bottle Cages


Add some class to your hydration station with a new set of bottle cages. A good bottle cage is both light and securely holds a bidon and adds a sense of increased value to one's bicycle.

Bottle cages can be made from a variety of materials. However, a carbon bottle cage is more than just form, reducing weight while increasing bottle security over plastic and aluminium options.

Chamois Cream


It may be taboo to talk about outside of cycling circles. Still, chamois cream is an essential toiletry item for anyone that indulges in significant saddle time.

When it comes to care down there, there are a number of choice Chamois Cream options available on the market from leading brands such as Assos, Aussie But Cream, and Muc-Off. Chamois cream works by providing an anti-friction layer that prevents saddle sores when applied in the right places. While it's always a laugh when discussing exactly where it goes and how to apply, beneath the jokes cyclists' of all persuasions will be thanking you for the derriere care!

We hope this guide has helped you find some stocking stuffers for the road cyclist in your life. For more gift inspiration check out our road bike accessory buyer's guide